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Cross swords
The Secolo Rivalry, which is roughly translated into "Century Rivalry", is a literal century long rivalry between the Cranio Famiglia and the Giovani Famiglia. Two extremely powerful mafias with influence that spreads worldwide, and with no Famiglia matching them in terms of size or power. Both families have vast amounts of power and influence under their name and are easily some of the most powerful, if not the most powerful families. With both of them only equaling each other, and the main reason for their rivalry in the first place. Even with the vast amounts of powers that the bosses and their generations hold, it is said that the current Tenth Generation is said to be even stronger than that of the previous generations and bosses. However when faced with a dangerous situation, both families have displayed the ability to stand united and repel attack from opposing families, living up to their titles as the best and strongest of all times.

Cento Bestia Famiglia

The Cento Bestia Famiglia is is the most powerful Mafia Famiglia in the world. The Cento Bestia Famiglia is led by the bosses of both the Giovani and the Cranio Famiglia. Several families, organizations and individuals serve under the Cento Bestia, including several members influential people. Even when there is internal strife, members of the Cento Bestia stand united to repel attack from opposing families, living up to their title as the best and strongest. The Cento Bestia Famiglia is the merging result of two of the most powerful Mafia Famiglias after the Secolo Rivalry was abolished: the Giovani Famiglia, led by Ooguro Ryuya and the Cranio Famiglia, led by Nikaido Arisa. 
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