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Patrick Canterbury is a well-known assassin and a wanted criminal for assassinating multiple influential people under the orders of other mafia organizations. He is eventually chosen as the Tenth generation Storm Guardian of the Cranio Famiglia and willingly joined after Nikaido Arisa offered to fund his mother's medical surgery to keep her alive. Just like Sakusa, Patrick is a hitman with multiple track records of assassinations and kills under his belt and is a powerful combatant with enough skill and ability to kill even the most experienced of hitmen.



Despite his status as a Guardian, he actually cares little about it. The only reason he decided to join was because of his mother. He tends to question himself on why he even became an assassin, thief and hitman, and just didn't get a normal job. He is quite lazy and spends a lot of his time sleeping, which he does so much that he is able to fall into a deep sleep in a matter of seconds. Likewise, he is not affected from being woken up by a head slam, reacting calmly when such an incident occurs. In contrast to his casual nature, he is actually the most violent-tempered of all the guardians to the point of berserk. He usually keeps this berserker mentality behind a series of mental barriers that he created to control his berserkish nature. 

Patrick however possesses a kind heart and a genuine relationship with his fellow guardians and cares for their well-being. He also possess an extreme concern for his ill mother, who is being kept alive by the Sun Flames powered by Latifa and some of the other sun flame users of the Cranio Famiglia. When Ryuya accidentally shifted ten years in the future and saw Patrick with his cured mother and Dam Eun Jung, it was implicated that he quit the Cranio Famiglia but he was unsure as he is still seen wearing two rings. A matching ring with Dam Eun Jung and the Storm Skull Ring, also implying that he has not left the Cranio Guardians. 


Patrick is a tall, muscular man with scarlet red hair and crimson red eyes. His red hair is kept short and ruffled, it is also very messy and his bangs fell across his forehead. He usually wears a blood red vest over a red striped black dress shirt with the top two buttons usually unbuttoned and the sleeves usually folded to reveal his tattoed forearms. Additionally with black shoes to top off the rest of his outfit. He has a tattoo on his neck, and he colored his nails black and he wears different jewelry. He is usually seen with a cigarrete that is usually lit with a storm flames. When in berserk mode, the whites of his eyes become black and his pupils become a neon crimson red. Ten years in the future, Ryuya described Patrick to have cut his hair short, having fades on the side of his head. When representing the Cranio Famiglia as the Storm Guardian, he simply wears a long-sleeved dress shirt under a black suit and tie. 

Weapons & Abilities

Probably out of all the Guardians, Patrick has the most erratic style of combat, a complete opposite to the more streamlined and disciplined Higashiyama Sakusa. He takes no care of his own well-being is willing to cut his own arm off to stab his enemies with the shard of bone within it. To those who fought Patrick has stated that he is by far the most insane individual out of all of the Guardians, he is considered a contender to be the second strongest of the Tenth Generation Cranio Guardians, alongside Claude Thompson. Although this does not mean he can match Sakusa in combat, as shown during their battle where Sakusa was able to make use of a lot of holes in Patrick's stance and defense and attack his pressure points to knock him out completely. His most terrifying trait is his immense resilience, durability and unhinged movements. Displaying the ability to fight against seemingly, overwhelming odds with ease and decimate his enemies single-handedly and with an unhinged style befitting that of a berserker. 


  • Berserker Mentality: When his mental walls are unlocked, Patrick becomes unhinged and insane. When in Berserker Mode, he empties himself of all rational restraints in battle and completely immerse himself in combat becoming a dangerous warrior for both friend and foe. He ignores fatal physical damage as if it never affected him and continues on fighting with a frightening level of stamina while also being unpredictable and erratic in combat, making it hard to counter him. When in Berserker Mentality, he becomes super strong due to the complete influx of adrenaline coursing through him. Wearing out his opponents through sheer tenacity and ferocity alone.
  • Invisible Storm Flames: Patrick possesses the ability to create an invisible Storm Flame. This Flame is very large and hard to detect. As it is still storm flames, it allows Patrick the ability to disintegrate any of his targets without detection. He can cause targets (whether organic or inorganic material) to lose cohesion using these Invisible Storm Flames a lot better than when using ordinary Storm Flames. He can make matter fall apart, wipe away his targets on a completely sub-molecular level. These Invisible Storm Flames can also be coated over Patrick like a body armor, anyone who comes close to him when doing this will be disintegrated. He can also disintegrate any corporeal entity with physical contact. 
  • Gamma Magma: Translated as Magma Range. Patrick stores his violent Storm Flames inside of his Dying Will Guns and accumulates them until close to overloading. When released, the storm flames blast is extremely destructive and is able to destroy anything in it's path. It is labeled as Gamma Magma because the heat is described to be as hot as lava. It also seems to have the appearance of Magma as described by Melissa, and further stated that for Storm Flames to look and feel like Magma a person must have really strong and pure Storm Flames. Gamma Magma is displayed to have enough power to equal the Solar Bullets of Latifa's Proiettile di Sereno.


  • Dying Will Guns: Like Arisa, Patrick has two Dying Will Guns that are able to absorb and store his violent Storm Flames, accumulate it and release it through a Dying Will Bullet. Just like Arisa's guns, these are special Dying Will Guns that have been modified to store his violent Storm Flames which can't easily be contained by a normal Dying Will Gun or Dying Will Bullet. Like every Arisa, Patrick's extremely strong flames are stored within her Dying Will Guns, creating a super-powerful blast. However unlike Arisa, Patrick is unable to use his Dying Will Guns for propulsion and mobility. Rather he can only use it for offensive purposes, using powerful techniques like Gamma Magma. 
  • Storm Skull Ring: Given to him by Arisa after joining the Six Guardians, Patrick usually wears the ring on the middle finger of his right hand. He was the latest to be accepted as the ring's true wielder due to his inner reluctance, this reluctance that he kept within him for as long as he can remember. The reluctance of becoming an assassin in the first place, though later upon accepting his role as a cold-hearted killing machine, the ring finally accepted him and as such, the ring increased his power drastically compared to the previous generations, and also giving him access to the Tenth Generation version of the Cranio Gears that only the First Generation had access to. 
    • Arms of the Storm vers. Cranio: The Arms of the Storm is the Cranio Gear that the Storm Skull Ring can switch into due to it accepting Patrick as a true wielder of the Skull Ring, manifesting his personality that was ingrained into the Skull Ring into the Cranio Gear. Unlike the other Cranio Gears, a liquid is generated from the ring and covers Patrick's arms which then solidify into a form of armor. The shoulder extension becomes pointed and slightly longer, making it a little bit taller than Patrick. The enhanced arms are capable of forming into two impenetrable shields, and grants him immense physical strength. The arms symbolize Patricks berserkish nature compressed into one area. 
  • Tirannosauro di Tempesta vers. Cranio: Patrick's Box Weapon, the Tirannosauro di Tempesta is nicknamed Rex. It has the appearance of a crimson tyrannosaurus dinosaur, however it's eyes are lit up with storm flames. It is 6.1m tall and weighs around 14,000kg. Its strong thighs and long, powerful tail helps it move extremely quickly. It's powerful jaws are able to crush even that of tungsten steel, and combined with the Storm Flames, it can bite through anything. Arguably, it is one of the more destructive and violent Box Weapons, a personality that it seems to share with the more berserkish side of Patrick. It has a thick skin that endure almost any attack with the exception of sky flames and other storm flames. 
    • Asura Mode: Asura Mode transforms Patrick into a dinosaur/human hybrid. His size and physical abilities are increased, and his skin becomes far more resistant, to the point of being called impenetrable. He also has regenerative abilities strong enough to recover lost limbs, although it has been noted he cannot do it as fast as Latifa's Box Weapon. Patrick has showcased more destructive techniques when using the Asura mode, such as releasing a jet of Storm Flames with an appearance similar to magma from his hands. He has also showcased the capability similar to that of Arisa's Leonessa di Cielo, in that he can fire more destructive storm blasts from his mouth. 
    • Beelzebub's Arms of the Devil: Beelzebub's Arms of the Devil is the Storm-Attribute Cambio Forma of Rex and Patrick. Rex merges with his arms, transforming it. Giving it a demonic design. Unlike his previous arms which are black and red in color, these arms are white, with a red stripe running down the length of the center. His fingertips have red diamond shaped marks on them. A spike protrudes from the shoulder. and two more, resembling claws, extend over his chest. The amount of concentrated storm flames can go over his usual capacity and is capable of firing three times the powere he initially stored. Additionally, the strength boosts he gets is immeasurable. 
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