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Profile[edit | edit source]

Age: 13
Family: Vongola

Plot[edit | edit source]

15th Family Arc[edit | edit source]

Nise Caccella used the power and influence of her older brother to run away from home in Italy to Japan. There she enrolled herself in a Japanese middle school, and when she manipulated street thugs into attacking her, Keito Sorauchi managed to help her get away. She, after seeing the drastic difference between how he behaves in school and how brave he is in decides that he'll make a perfect replacement for her as the 15th generation leader of the Vongola.

Recruiting 1[edit | edit source]

The next day, she tells him that she was sent here to tell him that he was selected as the 15th generation, but he refuses, saying that he doesn't want such a dangerous lifestyle. She doesn't take "no" for an aswer, though, and spreads a rumor that Keito is part of the Italian mafia, and he's the only one who can stop a hit that's been put out on Ando Koyuda, the captain of the Kendo Team. The school is in even more of an uproar when Ando issues an official challenge, that if Keito can defeat him in a fight, he'll accept his fate. Nise refuses to settle the whole thing, and Keito surprises everyone by showing up to the fight, further proving to Nise that he's got what it takes.

She watches as Keito goes down in one punch, and in front of the whole school, Ando helps Keito back up, and commends him on his guts. Nise counts him as good as in, Keito's recruited his first subordinate.

A week passes, and Nise sees Keito's friendship with his first subordinate grow stronger. After school, while gauging Ando's potential battle prowess, sees Keito and Ando being bothered by a rival school's thug. Before she can get to them, Ando is defeated by a move she recognizes from kickboxing. She doesn't hear what Keito says, but she gets there in time to hear the kid introducing himself to Keito. At the hospital, he shows up to apologize to Ando for beating him up, and tells him and Nise that his name is Takase Ashisa.

After Takase leaves, Keito explains that what caused the change of heart was even though he'd just beaten Ando up, Keito wouldn't get angry with him, something he'd never seen in another middle school kid. Nise starts to wonder if she the 15th family is growing faster than she expected it to.

Takase begins showing up regularly at the school getting him, Ando, Nise, and Keito into many dangerous situations. But he is finally kicked out of his own school for being so truant and enrolls in Nise's school.

Nise begins to notice a girl following her and Keito home. She confronts her and is almost overtaken by a surprise attack from a concealed weapon - a chain. After a brief battle, her opponent respectfully declines to continue and exits the scene, confusing them both greatly.

At school, she has already introduced herself Takase and Ando, and says her name is Yumena Kuradoji, and invites all four of them over to her house. Keito is reluctant to accept but Nise sees it as an opportunity to gain anew family member.

Yumena lives in an apartment, and the five end up getting involved in driving out a rival Family that she hasn't been able to on her own. After Takase, Ando, and Yumena fight together, Nise congratulates Ketio on assembling such a strong family.

Estraneo Arc[edit | edit source]

At a local cafe the next day, Nise sees Akari Tsuikato, a girl from her and Keito's class, passing a suspicious figure, telling by his style of dress that he's a mafioso. She confronts Akari about it, and the two fight with Akari easily being overwhelmed by Nise's sheer skill. She says that she's told somone that Nise is in Japan. When asked why, she said that she can't remember

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