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Nikaido Arisa is the biological daughter of Cranio Nono, the older sister of Nikaido Amami and Higashiyama Sakusa's fiancée alongside her sister. She is a direct descendant of the child of Cranio Lucifuge and Elena Satanael, the second generation boss of the Cranio Famiglia. She has been trained since a young child to become the tenth boss of the Cranio Famiglia. However while training, she secretly gathered individuals that were selected due to having extraordinary battle techniques and capabilities, as well as having their own resolutions and strengths.

History[edit | edit source]

Born as the heiress to the Nikaido Family Lineage and a candidate to the status as the Boss of the Cranio Famiglia, she lived a life of luxury. In exchange for that luxury however is a cursed life of violence and crime, devoid of all forms of love and warmth. She and her younger sister Amami constantly fought for the respect and right to the throne of both the Nikaido Lineage and to be the boss of the Cranio Famiglia. In which she eventually won and earned the right to be the disciple of her father, the Cranio Nono and his predecessor, the Cranio Octava. 

During her training days, Arisa was one of the five high-tier executives, just below the six guardians in authority. Earning her the recognition as the youngest person to become an executive in Cranio history. In the years she was an Executive, roughly half of the mafia's overall profits could be solely attributed to her, to the extent that her own father stated that she could best him in combat and eventually kill him to take the throne for herself. Throughout her training years, she gathered six very strong individuals to become her guardians. Taking in her sister, Amami as her Rain Guardian; saving the life of a severly injured Latifa, who thanked her by voluntarily enlisting herself and her butler Claude as her Sun and Cloud Guardians respespectively; then finally hiring two well-known assassins, Patrick and Eun Jung as her Storm and Lightning Guardians. 

With these five individuals, she was able to obtain the right to succeed the throne from her father, killing him and taking the title as boss for herself. Since she was 13, she had her eyes on Sakusa. Recognizing his talent for battle, and quickly saved a spot for him specifically as her Mist Guardian. This continued to hold true even as she usurped the status as boss from her father at age 16. Unaware of her own feelings, she felt jealous and frustrated that Sakusa continued to decline her offer of becoming one of her guardians due to his wife. 

When not on missions, she frequently drank with her two closest friends aside from her guardians. Higashiyama Sakusa and Coyotte Schnettin. Which comes off as odd to some low-tier grunts due to their respective rankings. Arisa is the Head Boss of the Cranio Famiglia; Coyotte is an undercover member who infiltrated the Police Department as a Commissioner to avoid any arrests from the Law; and Sakusa is a low ranking member who is only assigned the most trivial of tasks and office works. When she heard the news of the death of Sakusa's wife and his subsequent murder spree on the Mollusca Famiglia, as well as his imprisonment in the deepest layers of the Vendicare Prison, she took this opportunity to make her final offer to Sakusa. To which he accepted immediately, and is then welcomed as the Official Mist Guardian of the Cranio Famiglia. 

Personality[edit | edit source]

Born to Nikaido Family Lineage, Arisa had everything given to her and was pretty much a spoiled brat since a very young age. She doesn't take no for an answer and those who does answer that way have all been disposed of accordingly, either by her or her guardians and bodyguards. While in training, she has shown to be extremely ruthless and fearsome during missions, not shying away from killing her targets. She had absolute confidence in her strength to the point of arrogance. She takes pride in her family name and goes to great lengths not to be a burden in the family like her sister. When confronted by the enemy, she shows little sympathy for them. As displayed several times, she does not tolerate disrespect and detests those that underestimates the Cranio Famiglia. While she does show instances of humanity, such as showing genuine care over Amami being beaten by their father and going as far as to rebel against his orders to take a few beatings herself. 

The concept of love is very foreign to her, as she has never once experienced love from her family. Amami described that the family relationship was also very much broken from the vey beginning. With their father and mother being in an arranged marriage for influence and cash, and their father continuing to be a boss of the mafia even when at home. Her personality starts to develop upon the formation of her six guardians, she eventually grows to care for them and see them as family. Especially after her defeat, at the hands of the Tenth Generation of the Giovani Famiglia. This also marks the time where her more humane side begins to emerge, she begins to show sympathy for her targets. She appreciates the more mundane aspects of life, and even found the time to be in a love triangle with Sakusa and Amami. During the second conflict between the Tenth Generation of the Cranio and Giovani, she stated that she doesn't care if her guardians are safe or not, but this time she added that she has no need to because she has complete trust in their strength. Which was proven true a few moments later when Sakusa decimated all of Ryuya's Guardians in a Six-on-One battle. 

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Arisa is a pale-skinned young woman in her early twenties with pale blue eyes and long snowy white hair, a trait she shares with the entire Nikaido Lineage. She has a scar that runs vertically down her left eye and face, which she gained from the battle with his father. Her long white hair is often pulled back into an off-center ponytail or braid on the right side and pinned. When Ooguro Ryuya accidentally visited the future and saw Arisa, he described as her as "the calmest and happiest a person can ever be". He watched her interact with children and immediately thought that she didn't have the look of a mafia boss, rather she had the look of any common person with a happy life. She wears her hair in a low ponytail over her left shoulder. 

Arisa's typically wears her blazer jacket on her shoulders, much like a cape. She matches it with a long-sleeved dress shirts that is usually unbuttoned except for the last few to show off her cleavage, black pencil skirt, as well as black boots, also having a tattoo on her left thigh. While representing the Cranio Famiglia, she tends to wear a white suit and tie, which she matches it with a black long-sleeved dress shirt, white pants, and a white tie, along with white formal shoes. In the future, Ryura described that she still maintained her usual clothing, however she buttons up her dress shirt and is seen wearing high heels. 

Weapons and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Arisa is an extremely capable combatant, having grown up being trained to become the Cranio Decimo. She is unbeliveably skilled in a lot of forms of fighting. She is exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures to the point of being able to come up with her own advanced individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts. A testament to her skills is her ability to match Higashiyama Sakusa in a one-on-one combat at full power and although loosing, managed to avoid plenty of severe injuries. Like Ryuya, Arisa has been noted to have very pure Sky Flames, able to use both hard and soft types of the Flame. With its characteristic of Harmony, Arisa can open Box Weapons of another attribute, although not at full power. She is extremely perceptive and has shown to possesses incredible skills in crime organizations and criminal activitie, having the innate ability to know how to easily execute perfect crimes. She can perform feats such as always getting away with committing crimes and organizing a series of criminal activities to maintain high illegal income to make the famiglia wealthy and maintain control of areas through corruption and fraudry.

Forms[edit | edit source]

  • Ultimate Dying Will Mode: Unlike most users of the Dying Will Mode, Arisa has the ability to enter the Ultimate Dying Will Mode willingly. In this form, both her external and internal limiter are removed. As such, her physical capabilities and mental capacity has been drastically enhanced. She can fight on par with a high-level user of the Biofeedback technique such as Sakusa, and is able to nearly beat him when he was at full power. She gains stronger instincts, not only of predatory or prey but also battle, sexual, killing and parental instincts. She is able to process the world in the most advanced and efficient manner possible to find any solutions to any kinds of problems, using both logical and illogical sense and strategies. 

Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Flame of Wrath: The existence of the Flame of Wrath within Arisa comes from her ancestor, Elena Satanael's Storm Flame. Despite having an extremely strong Sky Flame, she has a weak Storm Flame that she can merge with her Sky Flame to become the Flame of Wrath. The Flame of Wrath is an extremely powerful and exceedingly rare type of Dying Will Flame, a flame with so much destructive power that it surpasses even the Disintegration Characteristic of the Storm Flame. She primarily stores her Flame of Wrath within her Dying Will Gun, creating a super-powerful blast that can pretty much disintegrate almost anything. So far the only one shown to challenge the Flame of Wrath is Sakusa, Ryuya and the Vindice. 
  • Black Flame Attack: Arisa is capable of concentrating and compressing large amounts of Sky Flames to the point it becomes black and turn more destructive, the concentrated Sky Flames swirl at extremely high speeds and the addition of the Flame of Wrath is added onto the mix to further enhance it's destructive capabilities. Just like with the Flame of Wrath, Arisa can either concentrate the flames on her palm or store it inside her Dying Will Guns and fire it off as a SSS+ Rank Destructive Blast. The Black Flame Attack is shown to be able to nearly strong enough to completely oppose Ryuya's sky attack and nearly win. The only person to completely overwhelm her Black Flame Attack is Sakusa by using a combination of all flames together. 
  • The Cranio's Miracle: The Cranio's Miracle is a special trait that is only given to those who the Crowned Skull Ring acknowledges as it's true wielder. The Miracle of Cranio provides Arisa a limited control over time itself. She has displayed the ability to stop, and erase time for a span of 10 seconds at a time. In the stopped time, Arisa can move her own body freely along with any object he touches that she wishes to move. All force applied by Arisa during the time stop continues to exist after the time stop. She has also shown to erase 10 seconds of time frames from a person's perspective, seemingly 10 seconds having passed in real time, yet to them less than a second has passed due to the erased time frame. 

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Dying Will Guns: Arisa has two Dying Will Guns that are able to absorb and store the Dying Will Flames, accumulate it and release it through a Dying Will Bullet. These are special Dying Will Guns that have the capacity to store both her Flames of Wrath and Black Sky Flames which can't easily be contained by a normal Dying Will Gun or Dying Will Bullet. Arisa's extremely strong flames are stored within her  Dying Will Guns, creating a super-powerful blast. Arisa is also capable of using these for propulsion, allowing her to fly and move at great speeds. Additionally, she has the ability to combine both her Black Sky Flames and Flames of Wrath togeether to create one superpowered blast, however the recoil would destroy the Dying Will Gun completely.
  • Crowned Skull Sky Ring: Taken by Arisa from her father after she killed him to gain the right to be the boss of the Cranio Famiglia, Arisa usually wears this on the middle finger of her right hand. Unlike the other Skull Rings, the design for this differs in that the Sky Ring has a visible crown and a special orange jewel that's being held in it's jaw. With the crowned ring, she is able to emit an extremely powerful flame that is about 15 times stronger than that of an ordinary Dying Will Flame Capacity. She is able to use the ring as a catalyst to petrify anything that she exposes to the Sky Flame's Harmony Characteristic. The Crowned Skull Sky Ring also has bestows it's acknowledged wielder the Miracle of the Cranio Famgilia.
    • Ring of the Sky vers. Cranio Gear: The Ring of the Sky is the Cranio Gear that the Crowned Skull Ring can switch into due to it accepting Arisa as a true wielder of the Crowned Skull Sky Ring, manifesting her personality that was ingrained into the Skull Ring into the Cranio Gear. It maintains it's shape as a ring, however it's functions and powers have drastically increased. She is able to release more powerful flames, and her attacks have become more efficient and precise. The Ring of the Sky Gear also provides an drastic increase in the usage of the Cranio Miracle, increasing the time span of the time that can be stopped and erased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. 
  • Leonessa Tempesta di Cielo vers. Cranio: Leonessa Tempesta di Cielo vers. Cranio, is nicknamed Mereo. It has the appearance of a fully matured lioness with sky flames replacing it's hair. It has a durable skin said to rival that of an ordinary rhino, and has the characteristics of both Sky Flames and Storm Flames. This trait is because she tends to open her Box Weapon using the Flames of Wrath rather than her ordinary Sky Flame. Mereo is capable of gathering the Flames of Wrath in her mouth, shape it into a sphere, and then fire it at her target. Mereo has showcased that she can consume the ball and fire it from her mouth as a beam, she can fire it as an arc wave or even fire it while maintaining it's ball shape. 
    • Satan's Platinum Handguns: Satan's Platinum Handguns are the Sky Attribute Cambio Forma of Mereo and Arisa. Mereo merges with her Dying Will Guns, transforming it. Giving them an animalistic design. The guns' cartridge area resembles Mereo's mane and the bullets appear to be a lioness and are more powerful. The Handguns are capable of firing even stronger versions of the Flame of Wrath and is also able to fire of the Black Flame Attack at an extremely fast rate compared to it's non-enhanced state where it could only fire of her Black Flame Attack after some cooling time. Satanael's Handguns' is named after the wife of the first generation Cranio Boss, Elena Satanael.  
      • Cambio Forma vers. Cranio Gear: When Mereo merges with Arisa's Cranio Gear, the Ring transforms into a pair of gauntlet like armor that covers from her hands up to her shoulders as well as a pair of boots that goes from toe to knee. It is metallic looking, and has the Cranio's emblem on her left shoulder and thigh. The flames produced from these gauntlets also seem to be more powerful, but one major change is that when activated, some kind of writing covers the flames. They increase her punching and kicking strength, as well as increasing her speed and agility to superhuman levels. Allow her to run, leap and fly in the air at extremely fast speeds. 
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