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Nikaido Amami is the biological daughter of Cranio Nono, the younger sister of Nikaido Arisa and Higashiyama Sakusa's fiancée alongside her sister. She is a direct descendant of the child of Cranio Lucifuge and Elena Satanael, the second generation boss of the Cranio Famiglia. Since loosing to her sister over the right to lead the Cranio Famiglia and the throne to the Nikaido Lineage, she lost her sense of self and is constantly mocked as the biggest failure of the Nikaido Family. She was the first to become one of the six guardians, taking the Rain Ring due to her strong Rain Flame. 


Born as the heiress to the Nikaido Family Lineage and a candidate to the status as the Boss of the Cranio Famiglia, she lived a life of luxury. In exchange for that luxury however is a cursed life of violence and crime, devoid of all forms of love and warmth. She and her older sister Arisa constantly fought for the respect and right to the throne of both the Nikaido Lineage and to be the boss of the Cranio Famiglia. In which she eventually lost. Loosing her honor, respect, and friends along with it. 

While her sister was training to become the Cranio Decimo, she mostly lost hope of ever becoming a boss and instead trained with her biological mother in the arts of swordsmanship. Whilst Arisa became the youngest known executive to ever grace the Cranio Famiglia, she was instead exiled along with her mother, who protected her. A few months later, her mother died and she was left alone, sad and depressed. She later met Higashiyama Sakusa and his girlfriend at age 15, being their friendly neighbour character. At age 16, she was scouted by her sister to become her Rain Guardian. She and five other individuals who were chosen fought Cranio Nono and his guardians, later on defeating them and usurping the spot as the official Cranio Rain Guardian.

A few months later, she heard of the incident surrounding her former neighbour, Higashiyama Sakusa and his wife at the time. Although not knowing them for a long time, she really liked the two couple and enjoyed watching over their pet dog. While she was surprised to find out that he was a part of the Cranio Famiglia, she was even more surprised and greatly saddened to find out how his wife and children died, as well as his subsequent murder of the entire Mollusca Famiglia and his imprisonment. She watched as Sakusa took the post of Mist Guardian with empty eyes and took it upon herself to help him get over their deaths, just as she had to get over her mother's death. 


Being exiled from the Nikaido Family and the Cranio Famiglia, she instead takes after her mother. Amami is a person that rarely openly talks with other people unless needed with only a few exceptions such as with Nikaido Arisa and Higashiyama Sakusa. She isn't a shy person, but more of an unsocial type of girl. She can be a bit reckless or aggressive if she has a goal or purpose to fulfill; she's also willing to do something that someone else wouldn't do to accomplish such goals. Due to the death of her mother and after finding out that it was her father, the Cranio Nono that poisoned her, she held an intense hatred and hostility towards him, as displayed when she lost all of her common sense and tried to kill him in any way she possibly can. 

Unlike Arisa who never onced experienced love throughout her training, Amami on the other hand was showered in an environment of love. From the love that her mother gave her; to the 24/7 lovey dovey couple neighbours she had; to even the genuine care she receives from her elder sister. As a Guardian of the Cranio Famiglia, she has shown to always be the one who prevents fighting between fellow guardians. She has this calming warmth to her that can easily stop fighting and arguments. She has complete trust in her fellow guardians, and has shown to put her life in their hands despite knowing full well that they are assassins, mercenaries and murderers. She especially trusts Sakusa knowing full well that he is just depressed and sad on the inside, showcasing a caring nature and almost girlfriend-like affection for him. 


She is a near identical twin of Arisa, possessing most of the traits that she has with a few minor differences. Just like Arisa, Amami is a pale-skinned young woman in her early twenties with snowy white hair, a trait she shares with the entire Nikaido Lineage. However, she got more of her traits from her mother's side, such as her pale red eyes. She initially had shorter hair, but began growing it back after returning to the Cranio Famiglia as the Cranio Decimo Rain Guardian. When Ooguro Ryuya accidentally visited the future and saw Amami, he described her as "more or less the same, but somehow different", her hair went back to being short but still long enough that it can be tied into a small ponytail. 

Amami primarily wears a dress shirt covered by a black vest with white stripes and has a blue like tie, she matches this with a black mini skirt and laced black boots with a white high-knee socks. On her head, she typically wears a lacy headpiece that resembles what maids usually wear. When representing the Cranio Famiglia as the Rain Guardian, she typically wears a black suit and tie, matching with a blue short-sleeved dress shirt and a black mini-skirt, as well as black high-heels. In the future, Ryuya just saw her wearing a maid cosplay outfit, so it is unknown what her main attire is ten years in the future. 

Weapons & Abilities

Having been born a candidate for the throne of the Nikaido Lineage and fought for the Title as Boss of the Cranio Famiglia, she is nearly as strong as her older sister in regards to combat skills. Amami is able to take down multiple grand-masters at once with her exceptional repertoire. Having displayed beyond that of the finest human martial artists and is able to master new fighting styles in a short period of a few years compared to grand-master who took decades learning and practicing. She can utilize 100% of her concentration, allowing her to push her physical and mental capabilities to her maximum potential, allowing her mind to perceive and respond without any distraction, obstacles become minor problems while objectives grow significantly easier to accomplish. She also has an extremely powerful Rain Flame Capacity which was gained from her biological mother, it is this reason alone that she became unfit to became unfit to become the boss of the Cranio Famiglia. 

Her most dangerous skill is her swordsmanship skills, something she honed in respects to her deceased biological mother who she loved dearly. Amami has demonstrated a natural aptitude for the ways of the sword. Being able to wield a sword with incredible expertise in speed, power, and skill, allowing her to perform feats such as stopping and deflecting bullets, decimating large objects or areas, cutting through a solid material such as steel, and even hold back her strength to deal damage to their foes without killing them. Amami is able to operate with little or no effort, deliver skillful strikes to weak points with great precision, and cut only and exactly what she wants. 


  • Zero Point Breakthrough: Cranio Edition: This technique was based on the Zero Point Breakthrough First Edition by the Vongola Famiglia, the difference here is in it's purpose and how it's executed. While it still has the ability to freeze anything, including Dying Will Flames, it's main purpose is to disguise the Sky Flame as a Snow Flame, hence the Cranio Edition. This essentially puts her Sky Flame at a state where it is both plus state and minus state, allowing her Snow Flame to have the propertise of the Zero Point Breakthrough's freezing ability but still maintaining it's flame-like composition and structure. It's ice and snow manipulation abilities far surpass that of the Rain Flames application of freezing capacity as well. 
    • Ice & Snow Manipulation: While she has the ability to create ice using her Rain Flames, the Snow Flame provides more versatility and power in terms of creation wise. The Ice and Snow that the Snow Flame generates are basically the ice created by the Zero Point Breakthrough, as such, the ice and snow can't be melted like normal ice, and can only be melted using Dying Will Flames which is a high amount of concentrated positive energy, whereas everything else will turn into negative energy. She has displayed the ability to control and create pillars or objects of ice and snow, as well as being able to fire cold energy from her hands. 
  • Dispersione di Fiamma: Translated into Flame Dispersion. Using the Tranquility Characteristics of her Rain Flame, Amami is able to cancel and neutralize the flames of others who have less flame capacity than her. This has been displayed multiple times, as shown when she was able to cancel out the flames of Melissa's destructive Storm Flame Cannon, as well as disrupt the flames that were enhancing Katrina's physical body. This technique makes her a very formidabble foe to opponents who mainly use their flames to fight, she can't however cancel the flames of those emitted by other's Cambio Forma or those with higher Flame Capacity: such as with Sakusa's immeasurable Mist Flames, and Arisa and Ryuya's pure Sky Flames. 
  • Barriera di Medusa: Translated into Medusa's Barrier. Using the Tranquility Characteristics of her Rain Flame, Amami is able to erect a barrier that can slow down the movements of anything that comes near her. She is also able to erect a barrier anywhere near her or through a remote view such as through a security camera. The barrier's rain flame percentage can also be modified depending on the situation, by adding 100% Rain Flames onto the mix, she can potentially kill her opponents by stagnating their heartbeat and organ functions. She can also halt any attacks that require movement, making this a near-perfect defense. This technique is named after Medusa, because of the flame's similar characteristics to petrification. 


  • Kintoki Muramasa: Kintoki Muramasa is the weapon of her deceased mother, it is her only memory of her. The Kintoki Muramasa takes the shape of a 2 meter long nodachi which she uses for various very powerful techniques. She is able to emulate most sword fighting styles with this sword, with the exception of the Nakajima Style Sword School that Kaoru utilizes, mainly due to the strength required to utilize it. The Kintoki Muramasa, while looking like an ordinary nodachi, it is actually designed to not have a blunt-side. Which she mainly utilizes to her advantage, as it is very uncommon for a japanese sword like the nodachi to not have a blunt side. She mainly uses it to inject rain flames onto her enemies to paralyze them. 
  • Rain Skull Ring
    • Locket of the Rain vers. Cranio
  • Orso Polare di Pioggia ver. Cranio
    • Asura Mode
    • Belphagor's Pocket Watch
      • Cambio Forma vers. Cranio Gear
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