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Natasha Claire is the Dark Guardian of Canarino Assassination Squad. She is one of the senior officer and Juri's homeroom teacher in Namimori High.

Character OutlineEdit


Natasha is a fairly tall and busty woman with long, black hair that reaches her shins, sticks out at her neck and falls over her shoulders and black eyes. She is seen wearing a knee length white jacket similar to a lab coat, a black vest, and black pants with a brown belt. Underneath her vest is a dress shirt and a loosely worn short tie.


Natasha is an incredibly kind, friendly and responsible teacher who is open minded and believes in the future of her students. Pointed out by Juri Sawada, Natasha wishes and works hard for the welfare of all her students. She cares about all the students which is perhaps best demonstrated when she becomes concerned about her student Ryohei Sasagawa regarding his passion extreme of boxing.

Despite her age, Natasha enjoys reading romantic novel to the extent that she often quotes or copies scenes from them, for example, when she proposes the battle royale contest between Juri and Kyoya Hibari. She also enjoys having fun with her students and observing their interactions, further demonstrating her youthful outlook.

On her days off, she drinks until morning and sleeps till noon. She usually gets assigned in charge of various school activities like cultural festival, athletic festival, the article of Love Marriage, and Christmas collaboration event, etc. was pushed onto her by the principal because he can't deal with either Student Council, Disciplinary Committee or Liquidation Committee. Natasha believes her "young" age is the main reason why she keeps receiving those assignments.

She is quite wise and hands out advice when needed. She is always ready to give advice and counseling to her students. She sometimes forces the students to take part in activities for their well-being. An example of this is forcing Tsunayoshi to participate in the Student Council activity at the reserve area of Cavaliere Nero.

Power and Abilities Edit

Dying Will Flames: Natasha is capable of using Dying Will Flames, a form of high pressurized Wave Energy. It is regarded as the symbol of the Mafia, capable of destructive powers and evil aura purification. Her Dying Will Flames is ten times stronger than normal people even by mafia standards.

Dark Flame: Natasha's Dying Will Flame attribute is Dark. She can ignite Dark-attribute Rings and open dark-attribute Box Weapons. Natasha has been noted to have very pure Dark Flames, able to use both hard and soft types of the Flame. With its characteristic Duality.

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