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Monica Angelina is Student Council President of Midori All-Girls High School. She is a popular girl beside Juri but she has tendency not display any of her emotion and mostly unfazed by anything. She is part of the Elite Squad Canarino.

Character OutlineEdit


Monica has long black hair with one braid tied with a pink bow as well as gradient red eyes. She is always seen with a stern look on her face. She has a slim but well-endowed body which makes her stand out as being beautiful, even attracting the attention of both Reborn and respectively Mukuro Rokudo as well as Kyoya Hibari.


Monica is a serious intellectual girl, who rarely displayed any emotion and seems generally unfazed by most things, as proven when she remained unmoved after being threatened by a boy from Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee. She comes off as rather cold and distant person to her classmates due to lack of communication with them as well as her tendency to distance herself from them and to look down on them. Because of this attitude, she is openly honest about many things, which is shown when she admitted having no friends as she thinks that friends will only drag her down, but this began to change as the series progressed.

Despite her disdain and cold attitude, it appears she can be a caring person as displayed when she sacrificed herself to protect a friend who needs her help. While she is stoic person who doesn't care about things, she really indeed fear of Five Elders Clan who is controlling Cavaliere Nero Famiglia when the boss is not available.

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