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Mei Li Sawada ((沢田美丽, Sawada Mei Li) is japanese martial artist. Some said she is equal in skills like Fon who happen to be her boyfriend. She is the twin sister of Juri Sawada. Her most appearance is like her aunt, Edenia. She is most seen wearing chinese cheongsam. Her other alias is Fang Lanhua.

Character Outline[]


Mei Li has long brown hair that reaches up to her waist, she also have dark brown chocolate eyes matching to that of her deceased aunt, Edenia. 

While disguising herself as Cavaliere Nero members, she disguised herself as a chinese martial artist named Fang Lanhua. Adorned with purple cheongsam and a fan.

Her future counterpart under goes a lot of change, she cut her hair short and more feminine seen using wearing formal outfits more. 


She is gentle outside and loves to grouping with anyone unlike her sister whom is stoic and skeptical at first. They are like a yin yang. She is more friendly towards her family and her friends. She puts them first than herself even after chasing Fon for almost six years. 

At a battle, she is ruthless and doesn't have mercy on anyone who insults the Clan, Family or her friends. She will do anything for the sakes of them and unlike Juri, she would do any underhanded methods to get what she wants.