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Maestro (マエストロ, Maesutoro) is the first ancestor of the founding species where Yuni, Juri and Mei Li comes from. Her real name already lost within time. She is the former administrator of Trinisette and the current Cavaliere Nero Third Boss after Juri.

Character OutlineEdit



Maestro's general Appearance.

Maestro is seen with a younger version of herself which is around 20's. She has long black hair and blue eyes. Her attire is the most impossible to be created for human being. Which consist a hair ornament and blue traditional clothes. She is always seen with her harp.


Maestro appear to be a wise and benevolent leader. It was said she was a general that her species in the past has kingdom and been in peace for many years and developing their dying will flames. 

She can appear to be ruthless and cunning at times, she won't consider anything benefit on a deal if it not for the clan. She survived for more than a century and lives. 

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