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Leni Svasiona (スバシオナレニ, Subashiona Reni) was the first generation Light Guardian of Cavaliere Nero Primo Guardians. She was Knuckle Fiancé. Like him, she was also undefeated boxer in woman's categories.

Character OutlineEdit



Leni's general Appearance.

Leni has expressive blue eyes and long brown hair that she keeps tied up in a high ponytail, fastened by leather cords. She ties many leather cords around her arms and legs. She wears a white tube top with a ribbon on it, as well as a little red jacket over it. She ties a purple scarf over blue denim shorts. She used to have a similar appearance when she was younger with the same high ponytail and ribbon attached to the head. Occasionally, she wear casual clothes.


She is extremely cheerful and exuberant, always smiling. However, she is very emotional and cries whenever another friends or family dies during duty. When Alexei, her mentor died, she was seen sobbing for a long time. She also believes that the world belongs to her and doesn't believe in taking the lives of others. She is most likely in love with Knuckle.

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