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Latifa Lindselhen is the second princess of the Lindselhen Family of Assassins. She was affiliated with the Cranio Famiglia since birth, but officially became the Sun Guardian after she owed the Cranio Decimo for curing her blindness. She is currently the fiancée of her own personal butler, and the former butler of the Lindselhen Household, Claude Thompson. 



Latifa is cheerful person and she is often seen with a smile on her face. She is a caring and passionate person who is shown to be concerned about the future of the Cranio Famiglia and the Lindselhen Household. Despite seeming soft and sweet, it's clear that she would go to great lengths to protect her family and fellow guardians by how she was willing to kill anyone who she never met before to prove that even she can be heartless and cruel for the sake of her friends. She is a trusting person who is willing to put the future of her life in the hands of murderers and rival assassins like Sakusa and Patrick. She is also very calm in difficult situations, and she has shown to be not mind that she wasn't able to see before. 

Latifa has a soft and clear voice, and her smile is able to spread to others, as if infecting them with her sweetness. Despite being born into a family of assassins, she has some trepidation towards war, heavily disliking conflict and not wanting to fight unless necessary. She desires to heal her legs, but is unable to ans is left disheartened but very much confident that she can eventually heal her legs. Aside from Claude, her Butler, she especially trusts Sakusa knowing full well that he is just depressed and sad on the inside after the death of his wife and children. Ten years in the future, Ryuya described that she hasn't changed one bit and kept the same kind personality that made her charming. 


Weapons & Abilities

Most of the time, Latifa is wheelchair bounded. As such, not much can be said about her physical prowess. However her intelligence is a different matter, she is considered the brains of the assassinations of the Lindselhen Family of Assassins. However when she does gain the usage of her legs via her Asura Mode, she has shown to be extremely capable of physical combat, however this could just be the combat abilities of her Box Weapon. She is the smartest person among the Six Guardians, displaying to be an extreme planner, capable of having multiple parallel plans that mostly end in the same outcome. Since regaining her sight, she has also shown to be capable of reading the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others vis subtle gestures and bodily motions. This, combined with her intellect also allows her to predict people's actions, even against an expert assassin with weapons. Due to being born a natural assassin and hitman, she has developed the ability to slightly predict what the actions her opponents will take in combat and can pick up on the signs of someone still having a trump card to play and see through people's deceptions through their mannerisms, the hope in their eyes and facial expression.


  • Proiettile di Sereno
  • Guarigione del Sereno


  • Customized Wheelchair: Her wheelchair is specifically customized by the Cranio Scientists, it contains a light machine gun and cannon with a caliber great enough to fit a human arm, as well as a machete-like weapon. They can be infused with sun flames for better bullet penetration and speed. There is also a special technology installed on her legs via the wheelchair. From the back of her knees, something like a plastic machine wraps around her legs, looking more like ribbons than armor. This allows her temporarily make use of her legs and gives her enough strength to kick a tiger to death, apparently through a motor in the back of her knees. Shota identified it as some powered casts for hospital patients he had seen in a commercial before.
  • Sun Skull Ring
    • Spider Legs of the Sun ver. Cranio: The Spider Legs of the Sun is Cranio Gear that the Sun Skull Ring can switch into due to it accepting Latifa as a true wielder of the Skull Ring, manifesting her personality that was ingrained into the Skull Ring into the Cranio Gear. It takes the shape of four giant sun flames-powered spider-like limbs, as an exoskeletal mecha-armor. It has incredible precision and reaction speed, able to fire of ammunition powered by sun flames. As well as fire sun flames simply as projectiles. The Spider Legs symbolize Latifa's wish for her legs to function again while maintaining her current strength as a Sun Guardian of the Cranio Famiglia. 
  • Lucertola del Sereno ver. Cranio
    • Asura Box: Asura Mode transforms Latifa into a lizard/human hybrid. In this form, Latifa regains the usage of her legs and is able to regenerate any part of her body due to the properties of lizards being able to regenerate their fallen tails. In combination with the Sun Flame's characteristic, Activation, it becomes almost immediate and hardly any damage is done. Additionally, the detached limbs can still move even after being separated. It is implied that these limbs can grow into a whole new body. Her new body also gives her augmented physical capabilities. Latifa is stated to be incapable of death when she enters Asura Mode. 
    • Leviathan's Dirty Boots: Leviathan's Dirty Boots is the Sun Attribute Cambio Forma of Lenny and Latifa. It takes the form of black boots that extend further up her legs, armor is generated on her shoulders and forearms, and the yellow scarf that Claude made her as a birthday gift is generated around her neck. When using Dirty Boots, she essentially regains the usage of her legs again. The strength of Dirty Boots increases as they become dirtier, regardless of whether it is from mud, blood, or any other substance. It also allows her to move at speeds greater than a normal Human's. Leviathan's Dirty Boots is named after the first generation Sun Guardian, Levina Ackerman nee' Thanami. 
      • Cambio Forma ver. Cranio Gear
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