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Kirika Hibari (雲雀キリカ, Hibari Kirika) is the daughter of Juri Sawada and Kyoya Hibari. The younger sister of Kaito. She lives in Namimori with her parents. She is the council president of Namimori High School while her brother is Disciplinary Committee Leader.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Kirika is a teenage girl with an average build and a considerably shorter height, described to be very beautiful in Namimori with a light complexion. She has long, straight black hair which is about lower-back length, which she sometimes wears in a ponytail. She has two long strands of hair laid on her shoulders and two smaller strands framing her face. She has purple eyes and is usually seen wearing a normal Namimori High School uniform for first-year female students.

Personality Edit

Kirika is portrayed as a somewhat mysterious girl who doesn't open up to people easily, which is why it is on the principle that she does not attempt to be friends with someone who doesn't interest her. She is at times standoffish and can often speak very bluntly when it comes to her pride as a student council. Because of this, she has had trouble making friends in the past. She has an appears to be distant and emotional, focusing solely on her drive to succeed.

Later, she developed a crush to Gino whom is Hari and Dino's son. Much to her brother hate, he always warned him to stay far away from her. When Kyoya found out about it, he was upset but didn't dare to show it and told her why would she likes a herbivore which she answers that she shocked him.

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