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Juri Sawada (沢田樹里, Sawada Juri) She is the daughter of Jiyu Sawada. She was frozen for many years by her clan to avoid the breakdown of her clan. She then, been taken care by Timeteo, Vongola Nono. She lives with Tsuna since their childhood. Juri has a crush on Hibari. Her real alias is Cavaliere Nero Secondo.

Appearance Edit

Juri appearance

Juri Sawada Full Appearance.

Juri is average teen with blonde which is worn in ponytail like Haru Miura. She somewhat wear different set of uniform than to that of Namimori. She wears a white formal shirt, a blue sweater vest with red bow-tie, a blue skirt, black knee-high socks and brown shoes.

Her future counterpart has long hair, wearing green sweater-shirt and a white jacket, she also wears a golden necklace. She has become more feminine like her grandmother, Freasha in the future.

Personality Edit

Juri examining

Juri's strictness as Council President

Juri is shown to be a perfect role model to the students in Namimori Middle School. As the student council president, she is often portrayed as a cold and strict character due to her responsibilities, and being against the idea of Tsuna his friends forming an group by Reborn. However, ironically, She is also wants Tsuna to be the Vongola Boss, she nominated him to Timoteo.

Juri is highly respected and well-known among the students, especially among her juniors, which call her 'Juri-senpai'. Unlike Tsuna, she appears rather stoic and skeptical at first, but it is shown that Juri is actually very kind and caring towards people who are close to her, like her cousin. She is also dependable as her uncle, Iemitsu entrusted her the responsibility of taking care of him. Other than being admirable, Juri has many admirer in Vongola Organization.

Juri and Hari together

Juri and Hari together

Juri especially close to Hari Natari as seen she is always discuss strategy and watch over Vongola from behind the scenes from the rest as she was the Clan vessel before Maestro took the throne. She has deeply relationship with Hari which her school friend deemed that Hari was Juri's wife.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Juri is a capable fighter both in mid range or close range. She is gifted fighter who is able to use the former Cavaliere Nero Primo Eyepatch. She is also able to use the Clairvoyance that her family have for generations.

Dying Will Flames: Juri is capable of using Dying Will Flames, a form of high pressurized Wave Energy. It is regarded as the symbol of the Mafia, capable of destructive powers and evil aura purification. She used Eyepatch to activate it.

Space Flame: Juri's Dying Will Flame attribute is Space. She can ignite Space-atrribute rings. Juri has been noted to have very pure Space flames, able to use both hard and soft types of the Flame. With its characteristic infinito. She can also combine her Space Flame with the Sky Flame.

Equipment Edit

  • Blue Rose Wand: This is the wand that Freasha gave to Jiyu as her birthday present. It was given to Juri at the time of Jiyu's death. The wand can also emit space flame.

Juri's first time to transform

  • Eyepatch: Using the the characteristic of Nebula, illustrazione. Juri is able to transform to a original form of the former Cavaliere Nero Primo.
    • Eyepatch ver. Cavaliere Ring: Though otherwise identical to the Eyepatch, the Cavaliere Ring Version is much more darker version of it.
    • Eyepatch ver. Cavaliere Gear: The new eyepatch now it's black, unlike the previous eyepatch's blue. It also changes her appearance to the normal version of the former Primo.

Juri's katana

  • Katana: It is a katana of the space flame. It was never revealed how it came to be. But it is said it was treasure of Cavaliere Nero. The katana can also generate flames of space, meteor, and light even sky.
    • Katana ver. Cavaliere Ring: Though otherwise identical to the katana, the Cavaliere Ring Version is version katana has now attached the emblem of Cavaliere Nero.
    • Dual Katana ver. Cavaliere Gear: The katana now is surrounded with three flames at once. The mark of Cavaliere Nero is also carved into the sword.
  • Space Cavaliere Ring: The Space Cavaliere ring is never worn on normal occasion, it was only used for family meetings or emergency and it can be said on par with the Trinisette items. Freasha created on a whim and establish that this ring can never be known.

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