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Juan Escultero, known as the 10th Boss of the Drago Famiglia in the Philippines. He is known as the "Cunning Lizard of the Islands."

Origin[edit | edit source]

Born in the slum, Juan grew up in a harsh enviroment filled with robbers and bandit. At the age of 10, His parents died in a fire accident resulting for him to live alone with no one to help him. He was so depressed that he cannot protect his own family and vowed that he will protect the weak. After 4 years of being vigilante in his village, he came across the 9th Boss of Drago Family and came that he was his grandfather and Juan is the only heir in the Drago Family throne. Juan decline the offer but after a few convincing act of his grandfather, he sat at the throne and became the 9th Boss of the Drago Family. As he sat as the youngest Drago Family Boss and Drago Family became the strongest allied family of Vongola unde rhis leadership. It was said that without Reborn, Drago is as powerful as the Vongola

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Tsunayoshi Sawada[edit | edit source]

Juan is Tsuna's deterrent if ever Tsuna is controlled by a evil force making Tsuna feel uncomfortable when ever Juan is around. But Juan is always fond of scaring Tsuna and always shows up in front of Tsuna to give him a scare. Tsuna saved Juan acouple of times and Juan as well. Even though Tsuna's fear at Juan presence, They treat each other as friends and as comrades in the battlefield. Tsuna even though his Zero Point Breakthough to Juan.

Hayato Gokudera[edit | edit source]

Everytime that Juan tries to scare Tsuna, Gokudera rushes in and start arguing with Juan about his habit of scaring and end alway end up in a brawl. But even so they worked together to upgrade Gokudera's Sistema C.A.I. and now is called the Sistema C.A.I. V2.

Lambo and I-Pin[edit | edit source]

After Juan scares Tsuna Lambo always laugh on how a crybaby Tsuna is but I-Pin will jump and scold Lambo to stop teasing Tsuna but Juan will keep them occupied and play games with the two. Lambo was not aware the Juan is a Mafia Boss and Lambo keep declaring Juan as his subordinate.

Kyoya Hibari[edit | edit source]

Hibari's thirst for fighting always boils when Juan is around and always insist to duel with Juan. But Juan always decline the offers knowing that Hibari is a fighting maniac. They have fought once and nearly destroy a mountain and end up with draw.

Haru and Kyoko[edit | edit source]

Juan attends in the Namimori Middle School to watch over Tsuna but he must keep distance to Tsuna's friends to keep the secret Tsuna's life as a heir of the Vongola Family. So everytime that Haru and Kyoko is with Tsuna, He would run away. Haru describe him as a "crazy shy guy." But after they return to the future, Juan explained his to duties to the Vongola Family to Haru and Kyoko. Haru was very angry and considered him as a treat to Tsuna but Kyoko welcome him as a friend.There is a rare that when Juan tries to scare Tsuna, Haru will hit him with a bat(she ma borrowed it from Yamamoto) while Kyoko will just laugh about it.

Chrome Dokuro[edit | edit source]

It seems that Juan develop a crush on Chrome. Juan always addressed Chrome to her original name "Nagi" because he said that she should no forget her name and her name was prefect and cute for her.(Or maybe he just despite Mokuro)Always a hero to Chrome and save alot of time. But he does not know Chrome feeling to him. She either blush and run or Mukuro will show up out of nowhere. Juan tried to ask Chrome on a date but Chrome reject Juan because of Mokuro's orders. But there is only two instances that Chrome may have feeling to Juan. First that Juan gave Chrome a silver bracelet as a gift and she was never seen not wearing the bracelet and Chrome taught Mokuro that the bracelet is precious to her. The second on is that when Chrome was about to be hit with the XX-Burner(the enemy deflect the blast) that she whispered Juan's name insteasd of Mokuro's. Juan become very close to Chrome went she transfer to Namimori Middle School. Juan once vowed that he will release the connection between Mokuro and Chrome(Juan has no knowledge about the organ).

Mokuro Rokudo[edit | edit source]

Juan's blood boils everytime he sees Mokuro(Just like Hibari but witha different reason). Juan tried to ask Chrome on a date and just before Chrome will answer Mokuro posses Chrome's body and told Juan to not get close to Chrome. Juan always tries to pick a fight with Mokuro but Mokuro always ignores Juan's presence. But Juan seem less violent with Mokuro after he was released from the Vindicare Prison and Chrome's transfer to Namimori.

Reborn[edit | edit source]

Reborn compliment Juan's abilities and came to a agreement to be Tsuna's deterrent(Like it was needed). They once met during his childhood. The 9th Drago Boss asked if Reborn can tutor Juan but both Juan and Reborn because Juan was to stubborn and Reborn said that he does not nedd his guidance and sensed that someone needs him more(It was Tsuna).

Weapons and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Sistema C.A.I. V2 (lit. System Change Arms Instantaneous or Instantaneous Arms Change System in Italian’’): An improved version of Gokudera's Sistema C.A.I. Juan improved it by removing the restriction of the opening corresponding attributes and It can utilize all 7 Sky Flames and combining them to form different attack. However the Sistema C.A.I. V2 is composed of the 7 rings needed to unleash the 7 Flames.
  • Varano Cielo (Drake) : Juan's Animal is a Sky Monitor Lizard. Varano Cielo has the capabilities of all reptiles like shedding its skin, change his skin , etc.
    • Cambio Forma Lucertola Gauntlets: Drake will merge with the Sistema C.A.I. V2 and turn into a pair of gauntlets. With the Lucertola Gauntlets, Juan has the ability to mix different flames to create attack . The Scudo della Drago remain but has levitation ability that Juan can manipulate at will
    • Cambio Forma Drago Armor: Drake will merge with the Scudo della Drago and the Sistema C.AI.. V2 and will turn into a powerful armor. The Drago Armor has the ability to absorb enemy attack and covert them either his own flames or attack but with the restriction that the more powerful attacks hee absorb the longer the duration of the next absorption and it will also inflict damage to Juan as well. Same will the Lucertola Gauntlets, It has the Alchemy ability.
  • Scudo della Drago: After some negotiations with Reborn and the Vongola family. Juan received the Scudo della Drago as a gift from Reborn. Th shield is made from the same material in the Dying Will Bullet. Alone the shield is useless but Juan considered it as a extension of his Sistema C.A.I V2 wherein the shield can channel the Flames and use in defensively or offensively. The shield turns into a ring if not in use.
  • Dying Will Flame Boots: A device that allows Juan to fly by blasting him off emitting Sun flames through the soles.

Technique[edit | edit source]

  • Flame Alchemy: Prime- the ability with the help of Lucertola Gauntlets to fuse 2 flames with the help of his Sky flames to create new offensive and defensive abilities. Bt he hs wait for 15mins to create another combination of flames.
  • Flame Alchemy: Mastery- the ability with the help of Drago Armor that Juan can fuse 2 or more flames to create powerful combination to defeats his enemies and defend his friends. As of now he is currently train himself to unlock his abilities to control the Flames of the Earth to combine them with the Flames of the Sky.
  • Iluminato: (Name of the Flame): The combined ablity of the Sistema C.A.I. V2 and the Scudo della Drago to illuminate any Flames on the shield against his allies or enemies depending on the Flame.
  • Cappotto:(Name of the Flame): Another combination that will coat the Scudo della Drago with the said flames mostly for defensive purposes.
  • Getto:(Name of the Flame): The Scudo della Drago will release a beam fo flame capable. Juan use this most of the time as a offensive option.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition: The Technique used by the First Vongola and later the Ninth Vongola and Tsuna. It creates ice, which is highly negative compressed energy that can seal Dying Will Flames away and can only be melted by the Dying Will Flames. Tsuna taught this technique as part of the treaty between two mafia family.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised: Tsuna's own version of the Zero Point Breakthrough and taught to Juan. The revised Technique allows Juan to not only absorb the enemy Flames, but convert the Flames into his own power.
  • Zero Point Breakthrough: Negative: Juan's own version of the Zero Point Breakthrough. It allows any incoming flames to either return to the attacker or just to disappear because of the powerful Negative flames emmitng in his Scudo della and his body that any flame can' get close to Juan. But it can only last for 5sec and will not able to use this technique for an hour.
  • Sky Cannon- Juan's most powerful attack that can only done with his Drago Armor. it release a burst of flames composed of the Flames of the Sky that can even engulf Tsuna's XX-Burner. Because of iits High Positive flame the enemies will remember their most precious anfd warming memory. As Reborn's description, The Sky Cannon is a is beautiful in the eyes but deadly to the enemies.
  • Earth Cannon- Similar with the Sky Cannon but will the use of the Flames of the Earth but it is not complete because of the lack of understanding wth the Earth. Juan used this once in his training and almost killed himself because of the lack of control to the Earth Flames.
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