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Jiyu Sawada (沢田自由, Jiyu Sawada) is the third boss of CEDEF, the younger twin sister of Yoshimune Sawada. She is the daughter of Giotto and Freasha. She is also Tsunayoshi Sawada ancestor. She greatly resemble Freasha.

Character OutlineEdit



Jiyu's general Appearance.

Jiyu is a beautiful woman of average height and weight and has blonde hair that she ties into a bun using a blue ribbon, with her locks pointing forward and a strand of braided hair, that is on the front. She wears a long white cape that goes to the ground with white boots that go up to her thigh and white shorts with a purple and gold belt. Jiyu wears an orange crop-top with a white and black coat and wears a glove that covers her left elbow and her right glove that covers her right hand. Jiyu also wears a leather choker with diamond-shaped locket.


Jiyu is unfettered when it comes to her goals, a bit arrogant and forceful about her schemes with a tendency of leaving people out of them until the last minute, and she's also dismissive of the Vongola way of domination. However, she is kind, always polite and ultimately has the best of intentions with her actions. Her dislike of the Sin of Vongola is also caused by the friction between the family and the guardians. as member of Vongola, she has no intention succeeding the previous boss or whatsoever. She will support Vongola behind like her father and mother does.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Sometime later after Giotto, Freasha and his guardians expect Daemon defected to Japan, she was born along with her twin brother one years after Ricardo became the new boss. Giotto always told her and her twin about his adventure about Vongola and it's creation. She admired her father and wishes to protect his will. She loves to prank people, a shared trait with Lampo and Lambo. 

Jiyu also learned about martial arts and how to fight with Asari Ugetsu and G. Giotto's guardians viewed her as the jewel of the sea that must be protected. She also got the stubborness of her father and clumsiness of her mother. Despite learning about Vongola in young age, her will never wavered.

Becoming CEDEF Boss  - Meeting Quinto Edit

After she graduate from Namimori middle school, she was transferred to Mafia school which funded by Vongola as Terzo found about Giotto's family whereabouts. She then become CEDEF Boss succeeding Alaude. Jiyu is the only female whom Quinto admired because she resemble her mother whom Vongola highly worship as Goddess. After she becomes CEDEF Boss, she learns more through Alaude teaching more than her father does but still heed to his warning.

Retirement and HidingEdit

When she realize that the sin she created with Quinto and positively pregnant of his child, Jiyu went to countryside and decides to take refuge in Cavaliere Nero. She met with younger Meisjke and then decides to let her children's grown there. After Juri and Mei Li births, She foresaw the future of her daughters. When Daemon found about her whereabouts, she used Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition to freeze her own daughters and sacrifice herself being killed by Daemon in the process without knowing who Jiyu is.


After Jiyu's death, Vongola Quinto keep regretting his choice until in his deathbed, in his letter to Jiyu that he wants to see his daughters and live happily with her and finding that Daemon killed her making him sad so much. But, soon Jiyu finally knows his answer later on.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Jiyu is capable fighter but she has tendency to stay out of problem if is not that serious. She is also able generate the Sky flames easily without Dying Will Bullet.

Forms Edit

  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: This is when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will, instead of removing external limiters on the body and using pressure during a crisis, removes internal limiters; therefore, releasing the person's hidden awareness.

Equipment Edit

  • Blue Rose Wand: This is the wand that Freasha gave to Jiyu as her birthday present. This wand can emit Dying Will Flame, which her element is sky. Her clan ability is to able to create a weapon similarly to Vongola ring can.
  • Il Bianco Mantello : Jiyu wears a long white cape that releases sky element. This cloak has the function as Giotto's Mantello di Vongola Primo which has the ability to nullify attacks. 
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