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The Giovani Famiglia is a mafia organization opposite to the Cranio Famiglia. While the Cranio Famiglia works in violence, crime and corruption, the Giovani Famiglia protects the innocent from the other mafias as a sort of vigilante organization. It is one of the two most powerful mafias in Italy and is currently located in Japan due to their leader being born a Japanese person. Giovani is currently led by the Giovani Decimo, Ooguro Ryuya. Like the Cranio Famiglia, the Giovani Famiglia has other families working under them, and just like the Cranio Famiglia, their are some influencial and poweful members in the organization.  Even when there is internal strife, members of the Cranio Famigilia stand united to repel attack from opposing families, living up to their title as one of the best and strongest.


As with all the mafia organizations, the structure of the Giovani Famiglia possess a boss and six guardians as the highest authority of the mafia. Each of the six guardians possess their own elite team of high-ranked members that follows their commands. Mid-tier members and Low-tier members are a subordinate organization of grunts to do menial tasks for them. They are used to assist them in missions, be their gofers, conceal their operations, and destroy evidence, which probably includes collecting the corpses of the dead members. However mid-ranked members can take on more dangerous and life-risking jobs. 

The Famiglia was formed after the creation of the power hungry first generation of the Cranio Famiglia. Giorno, who once saw Cranio as a friend wanted to prevent him from causing anymore trouble and save his friend from power. Something that Ryuya was able to accomplish when he saved the tenth generation of the Cranio Famiglia and made an alliance that soon merged the two mafia organizations together to form the Cento Bestia Famiglia. 

Technological wise, the Giovani Famiglia possess an arsenal of overpowered weaponry and gadgetry that seemed to have come from science-fiction like movies and anime. Most of which were created by the genius mechanic Shota and his elite engineering team, which is the complete opposite to the standard firearms of the Cranio Famiglia. The machines that the Giovani Famiglia possesses is able to combat the pure destructive power of that the Guardians of the Cranio Famiglia possesses. 


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