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Freasha (リーシャ, Furīsha) is the wife of the former Vongola Primo, Giotto and Elena bestfriend and the adoptive sister of Anissina. She is Tsunayoshi Sawada and Juri and Mei Li ancestor. She posses a strong-willed character and kind to the people she cared the most.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit


Freasha's general Appearance.

Freasha is a beautiful girl with long blonde hair blue eyes. She is always seen wearing dresses. especially black clothes to match Giotto. Freasha height can be compared slightly taller than Lampo but not tall as G or the rest guardian and also Giotto.

Before marrying Giotto, she always wears feminine gowns full of colors and bandanna like flower attached to her head and pink clothes to match with black necktie. Then, after joining Vongola Famiglia, she mostly wear black gowns with silver accents and adorned with black bandanna which attached by chains like crown.

After Secondo, Ricardo takes his position as Vongola Boss and Mist Guardian, Daemon betrayal. She is just worn a normal clothes and live in Namimori.

Personality Edit

Freasha is a kind, elegant, strong willed woman. She easily befriends the guardian and everyone in famiglia since she joined. She fall in love in first sight to Giotto. Swearing loyalty to Vongola and himself. She is a person who will use any schemes and trick just to protect her famiglia.

She can be a ruthless princess when no one swore fealty and loyalty to Vongola, and will exterminate them at once. A trait she shares to Ricardo to certain extent. Freasha is someone who always patient about Giotto situation and she always there to support and follow every of his decision. There is a also a time she disobedient and being reckless.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Freasha is very powerful fighter, and known for her strongest Space Flame and the stronger boss of Cavaliere Nero. She is like, Sepira and her descendant has the ability to see the future. 

Dying Will Flames: Freasha is capable of using Dying Will Flames, a form of high pressurized Wave Energy. It is regarded as the symbol of the Mafia, capable of destructive powers and evil aura purification. In the past, she can activate it whenever possible. Nowadays, she used Eyepatch to activate it.

Space Flame: Freasha's Dying Will Flame attribute is Space. She can ignite Space-atrribute rings. Freasha has been noted to have very pure Space flames, able to use both hard and soft types of the Flame. With its characteristic infinito. She can also combine her with the Sky Flame.

Equipment Edit


Freasha's Dual Katana

  • Eyepatch: Using the the characteristic of Nebula, illustrazione. Freasha is able to transform back to her original form unlike Luce who is staying intact as herself.
  • Double Katana: It is a katana of the space flame. It wass never revealed how it came to be. But it is said it was treasure of Cavaliere Nero. The katana can also generate flames of space, meteor, and sky.
  • Space Cavaliere Ring: The Space Cavaliere ring is never worn on normal occasion, it was only used for family meetings or emergency and it can be said on par with the Trinisette items. Freasha created on a whim and establish that this ring can never be known.

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