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Eve is the first human to descend to earth, she was the first priestess of the Sky before it changed to Trinisette Administrator since Maestro era. She is also Juri's direct ancestor.


Eve appear as a mature young woman with bright blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a pair of clothes and shoes which is white dress with blue accents. She also wore a gold necklace with red diamond on the center.


Eve is shown to be fairly clumsy, at one point even receiving a title called "Klutz",She can also appear somewhat clueless, as she misses some things that are obvious to everyone else, as telling an assassin who is after to kill the Chosen that she is the Chosen, and worrying for her afterward when she falls down a pit. As the Chosen of Trinisette, she prays for the world's safety every night. She is quick to take responsibility, and puts everybody above herself. Eve is also very self-conscious and wishes she were not different, because it is because she is different that she never was able to live like a normal girl.

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