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Edenia Cordelia (コーデリア・エデニア, Koderia Edenia) is the First generation of Dark Guardian of the Cavaliere Nero Famiglia. She is the wife of Alaudi, the first generation of Cloud Guardian of Vongola Famiglia. Edenia is also Freasha's siblings.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Edenia is a woman in her late twenties when she joined Vongola and Cavaliere Nero. She has long brown hair that reaches up to her waist, she always seen wearing trench coat that match up with Alaude, a purple-red trench coat. She also has chocolate brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Edenia is very aggressive towards others, even her own family as (due to her martial arts skills) she does not hesitate to attack anyone who gets on her nerves. Even her sister and the guardians expect Alaude. They know how terrifying she can be and all make sure to not get on her bad side. Despite this, she is a very caring sister and loves her family and friends very much and often acts as a mother figure to others.

Edenia has shown to have romantic feelings for Alaude, in the beginning, the two showed romantic feelings for each other and even kissed on more than one occasion. When Daemon kissed her (due to him having a prank on her and knowing what Alaude may do to her), they broke up. Even though they broke up and Alaude's possessive nature gets on her nerves and she will attack him like any other person, she still deeply cares for him. Whether or not Edenia was aware of his feelings before she was captured or ever knew what he was like is unknown. They did eventually get back together later on after Daemon's betrayal and Edenia would be revealed to be pregnant, and Alaude is the father.

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