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The Cranio Famiglia, commonly known as Cranio, or the Skull Family, is one of the two most powerful mafias in Italy and is currently located in Japan due to their leader being born a Japanese person. Cranio is currently led by the Cranio Decimo, Nikaido Arisa. Several families, yakuza gangs, delinquents, organizations and individuals serve under the Cranio Famiglia, some of which are influential people who have control over Governments and Authorities. Even when there is internal strife, members of the Cranio Famigilia stand united to repel attack from opposing families, living up to their title as one of the best and strongest.


The Cranio Famigilia came into being after Cranio Lucifuge got power hungry and wished to take over the world, he sought after individuals with ambitions similar to him and continued down a path of violence, crime and terrorism. Spreading his influence all over the world, and slowly gaining underground political power. After his death, each generation of the Cranio Famiglia has donned formal attire when risking their lives to fulfill this duty.


The Cranio Famiglia is structured with a clear and simple hierarchy, with the bosses being at the very top with their guardians at close second. The mid-tier members are specialized groups that serve directly under the Boss and his/her guardians. Low-tier members are further organized into 17 different squads that each have a different objective to fill. The lowest of the low are a subordinate organization of grunts to do menial tasks for them. They are used to assist them in missions, be their gofers, conceal their operations, and destroy evidence, which probably includes collecting the corpses of the dead members.

Like all other mafias, every generation has a Boss and Six Guardians that are the superiors of the entire family. The Cranio Famiglia also has a special rule that if all the Six Guardians unanimously agree on something, they can overrule their boss' decisions. This includes whether or not they want the boss to be changed, which means that the boss must first have the trust of his or her guardians for this to not happen. In Cranio's history, the Cranio Terza, Quinta, and Settimo all suffered getting removed from their position as boss due to the unanimous decision from their guardians. Currently the tenth generation of the Cranio Famiglia is stated to be strongest generation yet.      



Cranio RingsEdit

The Cranio Rings, also known as the Skull Rings, are special Rings belonging to the Cranio Famiglia and are said to be powerful enough to rival the Original Vongola Rings' power. The Flames produced by the Cranio Rings are far more intense and powerful compared to that of other Rings, described by Arisa to be SSS-Ranked Rings. The release of this power is such that even 30% of the Cranio Rings' power is more than the full power of any normal Rings. The Cranio Rings share a similar power to that of the Simon Rings, in that they both have the ability to give their wielder's weapons. However the weapons that the Cranio Rings give are far more powerful and pretty much rivaling that of the Vongola Gear used by the Tenth Generation of the Vongola Famiglia. Dam Eun Jung labelled this as a Cranio Gear X.

Cranio Box WeaponsEdit

Like all mafia organizations, the Cranio Decimo & Guardians possess a set of seven boxes specially made for the Cranio Guardians. These boxes contain special animals that have been engineered by Cranio Scientists to have specialized propertise. Upon shouting "Cambio Forma", the Box Weapon either merges with the user's equipment or becomes a new set of equipment entirely, greatly increasing their power drastically. The Box Weapons can also merge with the user's Cranio Gear to be able to form the Cranio Gear X version Cambio Forma. Additionally, the Box Weapons within the Cranio Boxes also have the ability to merge with their user and transform them into a weapon/human hybrid with all the abilities of the Box Weapon at their disposal. When these Box Weapons are activated, all wounds gained before transforming are completely healed.

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