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Cornelia Leitia is the another of daughter of Maestro, the siblings of Sepira, Juri and Edenia. She is seen wearing kimono due the influence of Asari Ugetsu. In the Heaven Palace arc, she lets Juri take over her body and gives her chance to be alive again.

Character OutlineEdit


Cornelia is a tall, beautiful woman with straight and silky knee-length black hair with neat square bangs that reaches just above her grayish violet eyes and it is decorated with a white flower paired with a red ribbon and yellow lace tied to the upper left side of her head. She is seen donning a white Kimono (inner fabric colored black) along with a large patterned dark gray belt (black in the anime) and black lace-up boots.

She also wears visible makeup. Her nails are very long, and are painted a dark red, almost black, and wears a red ribbon choker around her neck.

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