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Claude Thompson is the former butler of the Lindselhen Household and the current personal butler, bodyguard and fiancé of the second daughter of the Lindselhen Queen, Latifa Lindselhen. He is later selected as the Tenth Generation Cloud Guardian of the Cranio Famiglia as he respects the Cranio Decimo, Nikaido Arisa, for curing Latifa's blindness. He may not be a hitman, but he is a powerful combatant with enough skill and ability to have about as many kills as the Cranio Decimo herself. Quietly protecting the Lindselhen Manor and the family. While he serves the Cranio Decimo, he solely lives for Latifa. 


Since he was born, Claude served the Lindselhen Family. His parents were the head butler and the head maid of the family, and as such he was trained since a very young age the proper way to serve the family. Despite his parents telling him that it is unprofessional to have a relationship with their master and mistress, he can't help but feel attracted to the blind and wheelchair bounded second daughter of the family, Latifa Lindselhen. He was happy finding out that he was the assigned butler to take care of her and took the utmost care of her, listening to what she has to say and knows exactly what she likes and dislikes. Despite the complaints of Latifa on him working to hard, he continued to insist on helping her and chooses to be her unofficial personal butler. Doing whatever he can to help her, not knowing of Latifa's concerns about him overworking. When he has spare time, he secretly plays chess with Latifa and wondered how he always loses to her even though she was blind yet could still play chess and win. 

He is aware of the Lindselhen Family's affiliation with the mafia, and is aware that Latifa has killed before. Due to this, there are many people who want to kill them, as such he was tasked by his parents to protect the Household at night and changed shifts with his parents every now and then to protect the household. One incidient in particular put him and Latifa on the Cranio Famiglia's radar, it was an attempted kidnapping by the Millie Famiglia. Latifa's intuition, sense and genius intellect, combined with Claude's determination and superior physical capabilities was able to fight probably the most dangerous group of the Millie Famiglia. Not liking what they did, there was an all out invasion from the Millie Famiglia. Claude and Latifa worked together to prevent the invasion from being successful. However they weren't able to completely hold them off, until the young executive of the Cranio Famiglia and her sister saved them. 

Being the mafia organization that the Lindselhen Family is affiliated with, the Cranio Executive requested their services, while Claude wanted to refute, Latifa knowing the fate of a Lindselhen accepted. To thank them, the young executive, who introduced herself as Nikaido Arisa, even cured her blindness and give her the ability to see again. Arisa offered her and Claude to be one of her Sun and Cloud Guardians respectively, later on they along with a few other individuals helped Arisa kill Cranio Nono and his Guardians and usurped their spot, becoming the Cranio Decimo and Guardians. 


Claude is a dedicated butler to Latifa Lindselhen and upholds a strong sense of duty to his master and the household. He faithfully follows and carries out every one of Latifa's orders, while ensuring that the Lindselhen Manor household runs smoothly. Claude is a courteous and impeccable servant, displaying to servant qualities that would even make the most arrogant of entities admire his ability to work. However during a mission, he is ruthless when attacking others on Latifa and Arisa's orders. He displays concern and worry when Latifa is in danger that he knows he couldn't handle, swallowing his pride and asking Arisa for help in getting Latifa back. He is often criticized for not even remotely trying to pursue a relationship with Latifa due to his excuse of unprofessionalism, while he is right, it is noted that Latifa never cared for it. 

He has shown to care for his boss and fellow guardians, especially after knowing each of their circumstances for becoming the people they are. Going as far as taking an older brother like relationship with everyone, excluding Latifa. He considers himself an unofficial butler of the Cranio Decimo and Guardians, not because he was forced to, but because he chose to. Like everyone else, he trusts in their strength and knows well enough that everyone can protect themselves, however when it comes to Latifa he shows no bounds of overprotectiveness. When Ryuya went ten years in the future by accident, he described that Claude was still a butler for the Guardians but now he has two children and considers him a very strict yet caring father. 


Claude has the appearance of a tall, handsome adult with short and somewhat spiky black hair, with azure blue eyes. He typically dresses in a butler's outfit, which consists of black trousers, a six-buttoned double-breasted tailcoat, and a gray vest. When Ryuya went to Ten Years into the Future by accident and saw Claude and Latifa with their three children, he described him as having a full on mustache on his face and his normally short hair is now long and tied into a man bun. 

Claude's most common outfit is his butler's outfit, however that is only when representing himself as the Butler of the Lindselhen Family. As the personal bodyguard and butler of Latifa Lindselhen, he does not wear the tailcoat. Instead, he wears a red tie with a white dress shirt, and the same vest he wore before retiring as the Lindselhen Household Butler. When representing as the Cloud Guardian of the Cranio Famiglia, he wears a simple black suit and tie. The dress shirt is colored in violet to signify his role as the Cloud Guardian of the Cranio Famiglia. 

Weapons & Abilities

Claude is an exceptionally competent person, in fact, some people say that he is too competent. He possesses incredible skills in multiple fields and disciplines, having been trained by two of the most competent servants in the Lindselhen Family. He is extremely intellectual, capable of learning a variety of essential skills and advanced capabilities in a short period of time, which would take a normal person years to achieve mastery over, memorize knowledge without any mistakes, and process information at a much faster rate. His skills of deduction and reasoning are top notch and he is a master strategist. While he lacks the physical capabilities to match Higashiyama Sakusa's immense physical capabilities, he has intelligence that can match him and is able to outsmart him 40% of the time, something that not many people have the feat of achieving. He also has enough skills in combat to be able to match Sakusa's combat prowess in a head on battle, albeit only for a brief time as Sakusa can easily find flaws in his stance and use it to his advantage. 


  • Propagation Characteristic: Unlike some of the other Guardians, Claude has a complete mastery over the Propagation Characteristic of his Cloud Flames. He has the ability of increasing and multiplying sizes and numbers of any kind. This has been displayed multiple times, such as using the propagation flames to increase the size of his muscles for better strength, and durability. He is able to use it in conjunction with his knives and multiply it's numbers for a suprise attack. To a certain degree, he also has the ability to multiply his body up to six different clones of himself, all of which with the same abilities as himself. Probably his most used technique is the utilization of the propagation technique in multiplying his physical parameters. 


  • Knives: Although he has shown to be adept at pretty much everything, he has shown an incredible aptitude for the ways of the dagger. He is able to wield small blades with great proficiency and cunning as well as stealth; concealing multiple knives on his person flawlessly, to be retrieved at will in combat. He has extreme skill with all forms of a dagger, paired with the ease with which such weapons may be hidden on the body, allowing him to employ a richly varied fighting style: switching between any number of exotic types of knife mid-battle to hack, jab, hook or otherwise harm a target. He has showcased the ability to infuse his knives with highly powerful cloud flames. 
  • Cloud Skull Ring: Given to him by Arisa after joining the Six Guardians, Claude usually wears the ring on the middle finger of his right hand. Immediately after obtaining this Ring, he has shown to utilize and release the propagation characterization of the flame. Claude is also able to open all Cloud-Attributed Box Weapons using the Cloud Flames produced by the Ring. As with the other guardians, it has been shown that the Cloud Ring has accepted Claude as the true Cloud Guardian of Cranio. Increasing her power drastically compared to the previous generations, and also giving him access to the Cranio Gear that only the First Generation Famiglia had access to. 
    • Suit of the Cloud ver. Cranio: The Suit of the Cloud is the Cranio Gear that the Cloud Skull Ring can switch into due to it accepting Sakusa as a true wielder of the Skull Ring, manifesting his personality that was ingrained into the Skull Ring into the Cranio Gear. It takes the shape of a tuxedo that multiplies Claude's physical capabilities, granting him enhanced acrobatic skills, better martial arts capabilities and enhanced mobility. The tuxedo suit symbolizes the Claude's love for his work, and his willingness to continue working as long as he gets to stay for Latifa. The enhanced capabilities symbolize his overworking nature. 
  • Lupo di Nuvola vers. Cranio: Claude's Box Weapon, the Lupo di Nuvola is nicknamed Starrk. It has the appearance of a normal wolf, however it is enshrouded in cloud flames. While it's defenses are not as good, it possess incredible mobility. It possesses supernatural levels of mobility, showcasing dexterity, speed, agility, balance, equilibrium, reflexes, and flexibility like no other. It's cloud flames allows it to multiply itself up to 20 times, allowing it to overwhelm it's enemies with numbers. It is also capable of moving at extreme fast speeds and leap far distances. She also has quite an offensive power with an enhanced strength for throwing and crushing with it's jaw. 
    • Asura Mode: Asura mode transforms Claude into a wolf/human hybrid. Claude becomes something similar to that of Amami in Asura mode, his eyes becomes wolf-like and he develops fangs. He also has more drastic appearance, his limbs morph into wolf-like limbs, and a tail emerges from his tail bone. Like all Asura Mode Transformations, he gains all of Starrk's abilities. He also has the ability to transform into a werewolf-like creature. He gains incredible speed and agility, being able to strike with effectively invisible speed, landing a withering barrage of blows upon an opponent practically instantaneously. His hardened skin combined with his speed can also be used for inflicting incredible damage.
    • Asmodeus's Pocket Watch: Asmodeus's Pocket Watch is the Cloud Attribute Cambio Forma of Starrk and Claude. It takes the form of a Golden Pocket Watch enshrouded in Cloud Flames. The Pocket Watch is able to extend, contract or increase in size or numbers as much as he wants. When wearing the locket, he becomes enshrouded in hard cloud flames that increases his physical prowess by a bit and also allows him multiply his thinking process by several times his normal thinking speed. Asmodeus's Pocket Watch is named after one of the first generation's members, the Cranio Primo First Geberation Cloud Guardian, Asta de la Moses. 
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