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Azhari Saiba ( 才波 アザリ, Saiba Azari) is the current TSAU Boss. The only powerful person in his clan to ensure their safety after Freasha's death. He is someone won't tolerate a mistake to certain degree.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

He has short, spiky lavender hair and dark blue eyes. One thick lock of hair curves back, and he wears a large, black cape over his regalia. His regalia covers the majority of his body; beneath, he is skinny and wiry and covered in tattoos. In accordance with his age, Azhari is shorter than the majority of the other leaders, standing at roughly the same height as Monica and Wendy.

Personality Edit

Azhari is intelligent and caring, but overall fairly serious. He seems to prefer being on the "winning team" as he declined Tsunayoshi's proposal to join his famiglia and stayed in Cavaliere Nero under Juri's leadership. He also appears to be rather arrogant and sure of his own abilities. In accordance with this arrogance, Azhari wishes to fight with his (and his team's) own strength, refusing to accept the improved Lance core from Spanner, that if he did, he would "never be able to stand on [his] own feet".

Azhari cares very deeply for his group, the TSAU and is seen by all of the members as a leader and older brother protecting the young members when they are scared. This bond is shown when Azhari stops attacking Daemon, whom he shows great hostility towards, when is members begin to show distress. He believes that the members have entrusted their future to him, and so will fight to make sure that "their futures are filled with nothing but happiness" and is shown to be visibly distraught when the members are suffering, and blames himself for not realizing how hard they push themselves. But is nether the less sure in their abilities and confident in what they can accomplish.

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