Family Entrance Test is the 8th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As Tsuna and Yamamoto walk to school, Reborn and Gokudera watch them from afar. Since Gokudera disagrees with Reborn’s decision on letting Yamamoto join the family, Reborn decides to hold a family entrance test and informs Tsuna about it. Tsuna disagrees with the idea. However, Reborn already told Gokudera to call Yamamoto. Tsuna finds the two, relieved to see them not fighting. Yamamoto notices Reborn riding on a skateboard tied to Tsuna’s leg and asks him who he is. Reborn tells Yamamoto that he is the Vongola hitman. Tsuna is surprised that Reborn revealed his position and even more surprised to see Yamamoto taking Reborn’s story as a pretend game. Reborn tells Yamamoto about the family entrance test, and Yamamoto accepts. Reborn tells Yamamoto to dodge his attacks and the test begins.

Reborn pulls out some knives and begins throwing them at Yamamoto, who easily dodges them. Tsuna tries to stop Reborn but Yamamoto still thinks that it’s a child’s game and tells him that he’ll play. Reborn then tells Tsuna to participate too to make an example and continues to throw his knives. Reborn is impressed with Yamamoto’s reflexes while Gokudera is disgruntled. As Reborn pulls out his bow gun, Lambo arrives and uses his missile launcher to attack Reborn. Tsuna tries again to tell Reborn to stop, but Reborn ignores him and brings out his sub-machine gun. As the test continues, Reborn asks Gokudera to throw his dynamite as well. Lambo uses his Ten-Year Bazooka on himself as Reborn pulls out a rocket launcher. Reborn, Gokudera and Adult Lambo simultaneously attack Tsuna and Yamamoto, causing a huge explosion. Gokudera thinks that they overdid it and calls out for Tsuna. Yamamoto appears carrying Tsuna whom he saved. Reborn welcomes him to the family while Gokudera reluctantly accepts him. Yamamoto then leaves for club practice, saying that the bombs and toys were realistic.

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