The Fake Mare Rings are A-Rank Rings that were worn by the Fake Funeral Wreaths, who were at first thought to be Byakuran's bodyguards and the real Six Funeral Wreaths. However, Byakuran revealed that the Rings that they were using were fakes when he introduced the holders of the real Mare Rings, the actual Six Funeral Wreaths.

These Rings were described by Byakuran as "beautiful stones of Rank A", but he said that the actual Mare Rings were "a lot more special"

After the existence of the Six Funeral Wreaths was revealed, the wings that the Fake Mare Rings originally had were clipped to be able to differentiate between the fake and the real rings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Fake Mare Rings looked exactly the same as the real Mare Rings, before the wings were clipped.
  • Byakuran has shown to have the ability to break these rings at will, as shown when he destroyed Shoichi's ring after his betrayal.

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