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Faintly Arrives! is the third volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

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An athletic festival starts in Namimori Middle School and Tsuna is forced by Reborn to enter. However, after several competitions, Tsuna's team loses and all the students end up fighting. Reborn also tests Tsuna by making him think he killed a thief, but the would-be victim turns out to be working for the Vongola. Later, Reborn starts a Mafia competition for his own birthday, which lands Tsuna, whose birthday was on the same day, in the hospital. One day, another infant assassin named I-Pin appears in order to kill Tsuna, only to discover that she mistook him for someone else, so she ends up living with Tsuna as well. When I-Pin later befriends Haru and Kyoko, she unknowingly gives them poisoned dumplings, however, they survive when Reborn shoots them with Dying Will Bullets.

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Author's note
Vol 03 author note Hello! How is everyone doing? Thanks to all of you the th-th-third volume has already come out! Thank you very much!! I stuffed a lot of soft thoughts into the third tankobon. It's a third volume with this and that with a little Chinese feel. Please relax and enjoy yourselves!

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