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{{Sky character
{{Sky character
|Image = Vongola Settimo.jpg
|image =[[Image:Vongola Settimo.jpg|300px]]
|Title = Vongola Settimo
|Title = Vongola Settimo
|Gender = Male
|Gender = Male

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Character Outline

It was said that Fabio had the weakest Flame out of all the Vongola Bosses, and because of this, he created the First Dying Will Gun. With this Gun, he could store his Flame in it and release it as a more powerful and condensed energy. He used Dying Will Bullets as ammo and used them to store his Flames within them. This Weapon and Technique is imitated by Xanxus in the Ring Conflict against Tsuna, as it is believed to be of extreme power. He first appears along with the other previous Bosses of the Vongola. In a small Vongola family tree, he is shown to be the father of Daniela, a.k.a. Vongola VIII.


Fabio's most noticeable characteristics amongst the ten Vongola bosses is his tall black hat. He wears a black suit with a white dress shirt.

Weapons and Abilities


  • Dying Will Gun : Fabio created this type of gun in order to release a more powerful energy, due to having the weakest flame. A new version of this Gun was made and used by Xanxus to fire his Flame of Wrath using two Guns instead, creating a more powerful shot.


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