Eye is the 306th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Ryohei's Killer Points

After Ryohei knocks off Kouyou's glasses, he wonders why Kouyou said that he is just getting serious. Kouyou stops releasing his Forest Flames, stating that it won't be necessary. Ryohei then charges at Kouyou again, telling him to show his true strength. Kouyou counters by sending a barrage of punches. The two fight and Ryohei continues to graze himself with Kouyou's punches. Without his glasses obscuring his vision, Kouyou is able to see through Ryohei's movements and identify where Ryohei's flow of blood and even the activity of his cells. Ryohei wonders why Kouyou's attacks are all speed and no strength when Kouyou lands a hit on his left arm.

Suddenly, Ryohei yells in pain and clutches his arm. He asks Kouyou what he did, in which Kouyou replies that he just hit Ryohei's Killer Point. Kouyou explains that his eyesight has been increased to an unimaginable level, being able to see nearly everything since his glasses are only used as a means to obscure his vision. Tsuna and Gokudera are surprised about what had happened and Gokudera snatches Kouyou's glasses from Lambo to see if Kouyou really couldn't see through them and is shocked to find that it's true. Kouyou then charges at Ryohei who is unable to move his left arm. Kouyou looks at Ryohei's Killer Points again and lands several punches on each point. Three more sections on Ryohei's Bangle of the Sun lit up because of this. Ryohei starts moving back because he didn't want to lose his right arm as well. Kouyou angrily taunts Ryohei for this and continues to follow and attack him. Ryohei sees something in his attacks and taunts Kouyou by telling him to fight with him for 12 rounds. An irritated Kouyou uses his Forest Flames again but that is what Ryohei wanted. Reborn notices that Kouyou is now attacking in a straight way and thinks that Ryohei knows it too. Kouyou lands another punch on Ryohei but his eyesight suddenly starts shrinking and eventually goes blind for a moment. Ryohei sees this opening and attacks Kouyou with his Sunshine Uppercut.

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