Eve is the 264th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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The Vindice arrive and reveals that the deal with Byakuran is already done, and that they have already released the prisoner in the lowest cell. The Vindice reveal that they already released Mukuro Rokudo, causing Iris to think that they were deceived by an illusionist for Vongola. However, they think that the idea is far-fetched since only three illusionists in the world were able to do that. Meanwhile, Fran, M.M., Ken and Chikusa are revealed to be the one who rescued Mukuro and head to Japan to protect Uni.

In Japan, I-Pin, Uni and Kyoko are tending to Ryohei's injuries while Tsuna, Reborn and Futa are talking about their hiding place in the woods. Elsewhere, the others are grouped around a fire and starts an argument with each other. However, the argument breaks when Uni arrives and gives them some food and drinks. As Uni gives Lal a drink, Lal comments that her appearance is similar to that of her grandmother, Luce. Lal also asks if she knows about the birth of the Arcobaleno and if she has the same power of looking into the future to which Uni says yes. Uni also reveals that her and Byakuran's powers are growing weak. When Tsuna asks if she is able to use the same powers of Byakuran, Uni reveals that its due to the withering and aging power of the power, surprising Tsuna and Haru who thinks that Uni is still young. However, Lal reveals that the sky Arcobelanos are known to have short life spans and that is the same reason, much to everyone's surprise.

Meanwhile, Byakuran is informed of Mukuro's escape and tells her subordinate to do as he says, as he makes another deal with the Vindice.

Back at the camp, Uni tells everyone that Byakuran will do everything to capture her. When Reborn asks how she knows this, Uni replies that she and Byakuran are similar and that Tsuna and Byakuran are also similar in a way. Uni then reveals that she will not run anymore since the final battle will take place the next day...

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