Escaped Prisoners is the 65th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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With Gokudera injured, Chikusa Kakimoto begins to approach Tsuna, aiming to kill him. Tsuna is unable to move and Chikusa attacks him with his Yo-Yo. However, Yamamoto arrives and pulls Tsuna out of the way. Seeing Gokudera injured, Yamamoto begins to get angry. Chikusa attacks him with his needles but Yamamoto is able to cut the strings of his yo-yo. Chikusa recognizes who Yamamoto is, revealing him to be the second ranked victim, and leaves since his Ken's prey. Tsuna and Yamamoto carry Gokudera to Shamal, under Reborn's orders.

Bianchi begins to argue with Shamal for not looking after Gokudera and tells him to go outside as she helps Gokudera recover. Tsuna goes outside, thinking about Gokudera and blaming himself for what happened. Just then, Reborn arrives and tells Tsuna about a jail break in Italy: Mukuro Rokudo and his two subordinates escaped a high security prison and headed for Japan and Reborn believes that they are the ones who are behind the attacks. Tsuna begins to panic after knowing that their opponents are in the Mafia but Reborn corrects him, saying that their opponents were exiled from the Mafia.

Meanwhile, a heavily injured Chikusa returns to their hideout and immediately loses consciousness. Ken Joshima begins to belittle him for being defeated but Mukuro Rokudo tells him to just wait for him to wake up and tell them what happened.

Tsuna begins to panic when Reborn tells him that he should take down Mukuro and his gang and pulls out a letter from the Ninth. The letter orders Tsuna to capture Mukuro and his gang in twelve hours and rescue the hostage or to die. Tsuna runs off, afraid to be part of the Mafia.

As Tsuna walks around the streets, he hears some women looking at him, gossiping about what happened to the other students. Reborn then arrives and tells him that no place is secure and that the culprits are going after Tsuna directly since they realized that he's the boss. Tsuna begins to panic and asks Reborn what he should do. Reborn tells him that he knows what he should do and reminds him of his schoolmates that were attacked. Tsuna stops panicking but tells Reborn that he could not do anything since even Hibari failed to return. Just then, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Bianchi arrive and volunteer to help Tsuna. Reborn then tells them the plan and reveals that the hostage is Futa...

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