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Enma Kozato is a gloomy and introverted transfer student at Namimori Middle School. Enma is the tenth boss of the Simon Famiglia and previously attended Simon Middle School, but he and his Guardians transferred to Namimori after an earthquake hit their area. Once bitter towards the Vongola for supposedly betraying Simon Cozzato, their first boss, he became one of Tsuna's close friends once things were cleared up.

Character Outline[]


Enma has a laid-back appearance and is inferior in stature to many around him. He has both red eyes and red hair. The pupils of his eyes take the shape of the four pointers of a compass. He is a thin teen with a short build and he wears the usual Simon school uniform. When not in his traditional uniform, he has been seen wearing a normal sweatshirt and jeans. He seems to slouch while sitting and buckles his knees near his midsection. When in Dying Will Mode, he has the Earth Flame ignited on his forehead. Overall, he looks similar to his ancestor.


His social skills are poor at best; his shy demeanor and quiet voice make him an easy target for bullying. He appears to be weak-minded, even to the point that Hana Kurokawa describes him as "the type who'd get teased a lot." He reminds Tsuna of the way he used to be (and, in many aspects, still is). He seems to have a dislike for the Mafia, and has commented that he has on many occasions considered running away from it. Enma also does not have the respect of some of his own members of his Famiglia, mainly from Kouyou, who tends to call him "Loser Enma." Enma, however, does have serious and even cruel side to him that he keeps hidden from others. An example of this would be when he coldly stated that he will annihilate Vongola and even nearly killed Tsuna. However, he's actually a kind-hearted boy who deeply cares for his family and friends. A strong-willed individual, he is willing to do anything in order to protect them despite his dislike of war, much similar like Tsuna.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Enma is capable of using the Dying Will Flame which is a form of high pressured energy capable of having destructive powers or purifying evil auras. It initially lies within a person's body until it is awakened, helping increase a person's strength. When a person is able to control the full potential and power of the Dying Will they are able to go to (Hyper) Dying Will Mode at any time.



  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: This occurs when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or has ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will Mode removes internal limiters instead of the external ones, thus releasing one's hidden awareness.
  • Earth Flame: Enma possesses one of the Seven Flames of the Earth. He possesses the Earth flame, which allows him to manipulate gravity.


  • Simon Ring: Enma possesses one of the seven Simon Rings, sealed by the Vongola Sin. When activated, his ring becomes the Simon Gauntlet on both his forearms, surrounded by rings of text. When he activates it later after its up-graded by the Vongola Sin, the gauntlets has now gone further up his forearm and onto his shoulders, forming a wing-like armor on his back. The gauntlet's themselves have changed in appearance. The gauntlets is similar to Tsuna's X-Gloves as they can release flames for propulsion abilities.


Gravity Spheres

  • Gravity Manipulation: With his attribute of Earth being Gravity, Enma can manipulate the local Gravity to any extent that he wishes. This power was previously misconceived as a form of telekinesis due to his ability to manipulate objects by carefully maneuvering the gravity around it accordingly. It is later revealed by the Varia in their battle with Enma that he's unable to manipulate gravity accurately when his hands are restricted.

Enma with a Black Hole in his torso

  • Gravita della Terra: With his Earth Flame of Gravity, Enma is able to create spheres of Gravity with gravity equal to that of a star, causing Tsuna to struggle in his fight while his Vongola Gear is equipped. It is assumed Enma is able to produce as many of these spheres as he desires and fire them toward his target.The gravity can be use to change the trajectories of an enemy or an ally attack.
  • Gravity Spheres: Enma creates smaller gravity spheres than that of Gravita della Terra that uses its own gravity to surround itself in earth, whereupon Enma can direct it to smash into his enemy.
    • Super Gravita Black Hole: By increasing the Gravity of his Gravity Sphere he can cause them to collapse in on themselves and create a black hole. These produce much more gravity than the aforementioned spheres. At full power, Tsuna is unable to escape from the force of these black holes outside of his Cambio Forma. Enma can also create a black hole in front of his own body with more power than the ones emitted from the Gravity Spheres.


  • The name Enma means "flame, blaze" (炎) (en) and "real, genuine" (真) (ma), which literally means "True Flame" altogether.
    • Enma's name is a homophone for the Japanese name Yama, the judge of the dead who decides a person's fate in the afterlife, although it is written with different kanji.
  • Enma's surname Kozato means "hometown, birthplace, old village, historic village, native place" (古里).


  • The emblem of the Simon Famiglia can be seen in Enma's eyes.
  • In the most recent poll, Enma ranked 15th in popularity and 12th in strength.
  • In the Reborn Fandom, he is referred to as 00, as En and Ma (derived from maru) can both mean circle, used as an alternate for zero.
  • He mistook Nuts as Tsuna's cat when it is actually a lion cub and get along well with him.
  • His surname, Kozato, could be a Japanese transliteration of Cozzato, the name of the first Simon boss.
  • Enma likes cats, everyone at his family, Skull, Tsuna, and a new friend. He dislikes bullies, Adelheid’s scolding, Sermon, when Skull repeated his story for a countless time.[1]
  • Enma wants to keep the cats he fed back at home, but Adelheid won't allow it because she already considered Skull as one.
  • Enma and Tsuna have some similarities:
    • Both consider themselves no good Bosses.
    • Both can be hopeless when they are out of Hyper Dying Will Mode.
    • Both are reluctant Bosses of their Famiglias.
    • Neither wants to be involved with the Mafia.
    • Enma is known as Tsuna's equally pitiful friend.
    • Both were given nicknames due to their personality (Enma was known as 'Loser Enma', while Tsuna was known as 'No-Good Tsuna').
    • Both can enter Hyper Dying Will Mode, although Enma's version is much different, due to his Dying Will Flames of the Earth, and able to enter it at will without Criticism Bullet or Dying Will Pills.
    • Both have similar appearances as the first Bosses of their Famiglias.
    • Both are the Tenth Bosses of their respective Famiglias.
    • Both are considered kind by their respective Guardians.