Enma's Decision is the 340th of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna and Enma's combination attack manages to defeat the Blizzardroids but Demon Spade manages to defend himself by using the Buckle of the Storm Version X Bone Loops. Demon then uses all the Simon Rings and the Vongola Gears at once, changing to Armamento Completo Demon. He then multiplies himself into six, all possessing incredibly powerful flames. Three of the Demon Spades charges at Enma who is barely able to dodge, commenting on the strength of his opponents. Tsuna tries to go and help but finds himself surrounded by three other Demon Spades.

Tsuna manages to attack two of the Demon but finds that they are illusions but they have real presence. Mukuro Rokudo tells them that Demon is weaving his body in and out of battle with his illusions and that only an experienced illusionist can see through Demon Spade's technique. Hearing this, Chrome Dokuro tries to help but is immediately surrounded by Demon Spade, saying that she is going to be killed if she assists them. Reborn tells him that he is not going to interfere since Tsuna and Enma are more than capable of defeating him. Demon smirks at Reborn and points out Tsuna and Enma who is getting overpowered.

Enma tries to attack Tsuna's opponents but his attack is easily destroyed. Tsuna manages to attack one Demon and notices that it's the real one due to a reaction. Demon explains to him that even though it was a powerful attack, all their attacks are reduced to 1/6th and that they need to attack all the six Demons to inflict normal damage. As Tsuna gets overpowered, Enma flies to the air and uses his Super Gravita Black Hole. The black holes manage to suck all the Demons at once. Demon is confident that Enma doesn't have enough power to suck him in and that with this attack, Enma will not be able to move but Enma tells him that he only need to catch all six at the same time, surprising Demon. The Black Holes begin to concentrate a tremendous amount of gravity around Enma. As Tsuna watches, Enma tells him to shoot all his flame at him and incinerate Demon to ash, surprising everyone. Enma is ready to sacrifice his life in order to defeat Demon...

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