Enma's Anger is the 317th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Enma's Anger

Enma's anger

Enma stands before the Vongola, longing for revenge. Adelheid Suzuki wonders what on earth happened to Enma for him to lose control, and Julie Kato, who was standing behind her smirks and thinks to himself "a lot". Adelheid tries to stop Enma, telling him that it wasn't his turn to fight, Enma responds, telling her that it was useless and he couldn't control himself any longer. He thinks about his fallen comrades, Kouyou, Large Ooyama and Shitt P!, and releases a furious amount of Flames, saying that he couldn't forgive the Vongola any longer.

Tsuna listened to Enma, and thinks about his own friends, Yamamoto, Ryohei and Chrome Dokuro, and tells Enma that it's the same for him. Tsuna takes a moment and releases a vast amount of flames, telling Enma that he was doing exactly the same thing to them. The power being released by the two bosses were so intense that the rest moved back before they could get caught up in the inevitable battle between the two.

Enma asks Tsuna to shut up, telling him that he didn't have the right to say anything, and prepares a deadly technique to finish Tsuna off. Adelheid pleads with Enma to stop, and Gokudera comments that the technique that Enma was preparing to use looked like Psycho-Kinetic power, and warns Tsuna that it looked extremely dangerous. However, before anything more could be said, Enma releases his power, telling Tsuna to disappear. The power of this technique was such that the earth around Tsuna seemed to get crushed, and Tsuna along with it. Tsuna's allies look on, worried about what might have happened to Tsuna, but Tsuna emerges unscathed, his own flames, and the new Vongola Gear protecting him. Enma's allies look shocked, while Reborn states that Tsuna was not the same as he was before.

The Boss Battle II

Enma and Tsuna battle

Tsuna tells Enma that he wasn't the only one angry, and Enma responds telling Tsuna not to get worked-up over something little. Before the battle could continue, Adelheid tries once again to stop Enma, telling him that the rules of the fight haven't been decided yet. Enma screams at Adelheid to stop telling him what to do, saying that he was no longer a child. Enma declares that he will destroy the Vongola, and flies towards Tsuna, wanting to continue the battle. Tsuna uses his flames to fly as well to go out and meet Enma, and the two bosses, who were similar in so many ways, continued their battle.

Tsuna and Enma's battle

Enma and Tsuna

The two bosses matched each other blow for blow, managing to counter each other's moves, and both landing a few hits on each other. After battling for a few minutes, they both land on the ground, ready to continue. Adelheid seems shocked at the increase in Tsuna's strength. Enma, too comments on Tsuna's strength, telling Tsuna that his power, so cold and heartless, was proof that Tsuna was the legitimate successor of Vongola Primo. Tsuna once again defends his ancestor, telling Enma that Giotto wasn't that type of man, and the memories of their ancestors should act as proof of that. Tsuna then tells him, that he has no intention of inheriting the current Vongola. Enma laughs at this statement, before gritting his teeth and telling Tsuna, that, that was unfair of him. Tsuna seems taken aback by this statement, but Enma continues. Enma points at the crest on Tsuna's gloves, and asks him if that wasn't proof that he belonged to the Vongola. He tells Tsuna that he was at the center of the Vongola, and have been benefiting from the power of the Vongola. He tells Tsuna that while he benefits from this power, he escapes from his position when the going gets tough. He tells Tsuna that he wields the Vongola crest, get other involved, hurts them, then says that he isn't the boss, he tells that this way of thinking was asking too much. Tsuna denies this accusation, telling Enma that he never meant to hurt others, and that he wants to use his power to protect his friends, that's who is, and always will be.

Enma vs Tsuna

Enma prepares to kill Tsuna

Enma calls Tsuna a fraud and a liar, and asks Tsuna if he thought he could escape from his bloody fate. Tsuna asks Enma what he's talking about, clenching his fist, and a fierce look in his eye, Enma tells Tsuna that he didn't just inherit the blood of Vongola Primo, the man who betrayed Simon Cozzato, but he was also the son of Iemitsu Sawada, the man who killed his parents and sister. Everyone present seemed to be taken aback by this piece of information, even Adelheid, the only person who didn't look surprised was Julie, who just smiled when Enma announced this. Enma repeats what he just said. He says that his family was killed by the Vongola External Advisors, on Iemitsu's orders. Tsuna refuses to believe this, and accuses Enma of lying, and Enma, now crying tells Tsuna that he even refuses to believe things that are unfavorable to him.

Enma continues to cry, and Tsuna's belief begins to fade. Tsuna, now in shock, goes out of Hyper Dying Will Mode, and it was then that Enma lunges at Tsuna, a look of fierce determination in his eyes, and proclaims that he will never forgive Tsuna, not until he kills him. With this Enma grabs Tsuna and prepares to finish him off...

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