Empathy is the 286th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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With Hibari and Adelheid's battle at a stop, Reborn starts explaining to everyone that the transfer students are actually members of the Simon Famiglia, a mafia Famiglia who have had ties with the Vongola since the time of the Vongola's founding. Reborn goes on to explain that the Simon Famiglia has grown smaller and weaker over time, so much so, that they aren't that well known now.

Adelheid explains that the reason they moved to Namimori is really because of the earthquakes over at the place that they used to stay and also because it is where the Inheritance Ceremony is going to be held. Gokudera and the rest seem to be confused about this and Reborn explains that Tsuna would officially be given the title of Tenth. This moves Gokudera to tears, but Ryohei seemed a bit confused thinking that Tsuna gained that title when he beat Xanxus. Reborn states that the ceremony will make it official, as well as let the other heads of the Vongola Family worldwide see the face of their new boss and also to let other families know who the next boss is, which can make Tsuna dominate the underworld society. The rest of the day passes without any incidents...

As he walks home, Tsuna tries to think of a way out of becoming a Mafia Boss and Enma appears, suggesting that he should run away, saying he's also considered it. Reborn appears and smacks them both, saying he wouldn't forgive them if they ran away. He goes on to explain the 9th's intentions, he was pleased to know that the Simon Famiglia transferred to Namimori and hopes that the Vongola Famiglia will befriend and protect the Simon Famiglia. As Reborn states that some Famiglias will try to sabotage the ceremony, the group is interrupted by the arrival of an assassin whose attack would have killed Tsuna and Enma if Reborn hadn't pushed them away. The assassin magnifies himself by using Cloud Flames and continues to attack Tsuna as Reborn and Enma watch. Tsuna then goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode and begins to fight with the new enemy...

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