The Elettro Billiard is a Lightning-attribute Weapon-type Box Weapon, used by Gamma.

Description[edit | edit source]

It consists of a long dark blue cue and multiple pool balls. The balls float around Gamma, and he uses his cue to shoot them toward his enemies. The balls are constantly covered in Lightning Flames and, as such, able to greatly damage and even cut an enemy deeply, due to the flames' Hardening characteristic.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Shot Plasma:[1][2] (ショットプラスマ, Shotto Purasuma?) The Lightning Flame-charged balls ricochet across the area causing powerful damage; strong enough to embed into the ground and damaging the surrounding area.

    During Gamma's fight with Kyoya Hibari, he explains that the Billiard balls are impossible to dodge and cover every angle. However, Hibari countered this by choosing the path where only one Billiard ball would make contact with him and used all his defensive Flames to deflect the Billiard ball.[3][4]

  • Electric Tower:[5][6] (エレクトリック・タワー, Erekutorikku Tawā?) After the Billiard balls have spread and surrounded the target, Gamma electrifies everything between the balls and the ground, making it impossible to dodge.

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