Updating page to Template:Lightning Abilities The Elettrico Cornata (電撃角 (エレットゥリコ・コルナータ, Erettouriko Korunata; Japanese for "Electric Shock Angle) is an ability that 15-year-old Lambo uses. After saying "Thunder Set," lightning comes down from the sky and stores its energy in his horns. Lambo then charges at his target and if they are hit by the horns, they are shocked by the lightning that is stored. The only downside to this attack is that you have to hit the target with the horns or it won't work.
25-year-old Lambo has since perfected this attack by making it stronger and changing it from a short-ranged attack to a mid-ranged attack.


  • This attack has never worked when 15-year-old Lambo uses it; however, when Lambo finally did hit someone, it was a ghost who didn't get hurt by the lightning but instead used the power of the attack to materialize himself.
  • It is called "Electric Cornata" in the manga.
  • The first hit after the technique was perfected was used by 25-year-old Lambo when fighting against Leviathan during the Lightning Ring Battle.
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