Elettrico Cornata is an ability used by 10-years-later Lambo. It is always used after Thunder Set.

Description[edit | edit source]

After storing enough electricity from Thunder Set, Lambo charges and aims his horns at his target. The target will be electrified when hit by the horns. This attack suffers from its short range, making it almost useless when not aimed properly.

10-years-later Lambo has used it multiple times but always misses his target. The only time Elettrico Cornata hit someone was when Lambo charged at Romeo's ghost. Although the attack was successful, Romeo's ghost did not get hurt by the lightning. Instead, he used the power of the attack to materialize himself.

20-years-later Lambo has since perfected this attack by making it stronger and changing it from a short-ranged attack to a mid-ranged attack. He used it on Levi A Than during the Lightning Ring Battle.

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