Template:Character Elena (エレナ, Erena) was a daughter of a duke and the woman who was once in a relationship with Daemon Spade. She was the one who introduced Daemon to the Vongola Primo, Giotto, and persuaded him to join the Vongola along with her.

Character Outline


She is regarded by both Tsuna and Daemon to be a beautiful woman. She had long blond wavy hair, large eyes and has so far only been seen wearing a dress with a ribbon around her neck and wrist. The only other outfit that she is shown to wear aside from her dress is a black suit with black thin ribbon.


From Daemon's description, she was a gentle woman who showed concern for weak people and wished to help them. She shared Daemon's opinion that the aristocrats around them had no social standing in the eyes of the public, and wished to fix this. After she joined the Vongola Famiglia with Daemon, she grew to love the Vongola more than anything else and dedicated herself to the Famiglia in order to protect the weak and defenseless.


Not much is known about her past, but it is known that she was an aristocrat like Daemon, since her father was a duke. At some point, she became acquainted with Giotto and joined the Vongola.

Plot Overview

Daemon meets Elena

Elena meets Daemon

She first met Daemon at an aristocrat party where they realized that they both shared the same feeling of resentment for other aristocrats who had no social standing for the public, and they both wished to change this as they both believed that no matter position in society was, highly capable people should be the backbone of society. Later on, both fell in love with each other and they eventually became lovers, and soon she introduced him to Vongola Primo, Giotto, whom she thought would get along with Daemon. Daemon, after meeting Giotto, joined the Vongola along with Elena.

Elena Dies

Elena dies

Daemon gave the Vongola everything he had for the love he had, for both, the Vongola and Elena. Because of this, she said that she thought that the Vongola Famiglia, protectors of the weak and defenseless, was Daemon's pride. When the Vongola gained more and more power, Giotto, worried about fighting for self-interest, threw away his military forces. This action, however, created an opportunity for a rival Mafia Famiglia to invade their territory and critically wound Elena, who died shortly afterwards, but not before telling Daemon to protect the weak with the Vongola because she believed Daemon would be able to do it. After Elena died, Daemon swore to make the Vongola strong in Elena's name, although he misunderstood her, assuming that she meant to eliminate the weak to make the Vongola strong.


To keep his promise, Daemon threw away his own body and kept watch over the Vongola through the generations by continuously possessing others, always stamping out the weak in order to make the Vongola strong.


Daemon Spade

Daemon & Elena

Elena and Daemon

Elena's lover. Their similar ideal and desire is what brought them together. She deeply loved and cared for Daemon, both working hard in Vongola for the sake of the weak with their feelings for one another is what supporting them. Elena had immense faith and trust in Daemon, as shown when she begged him to work together with Vongola for the sake of the weak, saying that she knew he could do it if it's him before she dies. Daemon also returned her feelings the same and was very saddened by her death, which haunted him for generations as he believed he was responsible for her death. His grief over her loss triggered him to vow to make the Vongola that she loved the strongest Famiglia, believing it would fulfill her last wish and thought it was the only way to atone for his failure of protecting her. Tsuna believed that Elena would have been grateful for Daemon's efforts to keep living without forgetting her.


Elena was the one who introduced Giotto and Daemon to each other. As a loyal member of his organization, she presumably respected him and his ideals. He indirectly caused her death because a rival Famiglia took advantage of his decision to disband the Vongola's military forces and launched an attack, which resulted in her being killed in the crossfire. However, Elena did not blame Giotto for her death and had faith in the Vongola's purpose until her last breath. 


  • In Reborn! Fandom, her shorthands are "Ele" or "E".
  • Elena is Italian/Spanish and means "The Bright".


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