Elena was a woman who was once in a relationship with Demon Spade. She was the one who introduced Demon to Vongola Primo, Giotto, and persuaded him to join the Vongola along her.

Appearance Edit

Elena in color

Elena in color.

She is regarded by both Tsuna and Demon to be a beautiful woman. She had long blond wavy hair, large eyes and has so far only been seen wearing a dress with a ribbon around her neck and wrist.

Personality Edit

From Demon Spade's description, she was a gentle woman who showed concern for weak people and wished to help them. She shared Demon Spade's opinion that the aristocrats around them had no social standing in the eyes of the public, and wished to fix this. After she joined the Vongola Famiglia with Daemon, she grew to love the Vongola more than anything else and dedicated herself to the Famiglia in order to protect the weak and defenseless.

Trivia Edit

  • In Reborn! Fandom, her shorthands are "Ele" or "E".
  • Elena means "the bright" in Italian.

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