The Elefante Forte Pioggia is a Rain-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon used by Olgert. Easily controlled and reproduced, it is seen as a likely candidate for the next mainstream Box Weapon of the Millefiore Famiglia.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Elefante Forte Pioggia can levitate by coating its body in Rain Flames. This, along with its heavy weight and offensive/defensive capabilities, makes it comparable to a flying fortress.

  • Rush (突進, Tosshin?)
  • Coiling (巻き付き, Makitsuki?)
  • Trampling (踏み付け, Fumitsuke?)
  • Spraying a Water Fountain (噴水, Funsui?)
  • Martello della Terra:[1][2] (大地の鉄槌(マルテロ・デッラ・テラ), Marutero derra Tera (Daichi no Tettsui)?) It uses its whole body to crush a target on the ground. This was first used to crush a few Varia members. Olgert used his Heavy Rain Elephant to use this technique against Xanxus, but it was stopped by the Leone di Cieli.
  • Doppio Martello:[3][4] (ニ重の鉄槌(ドッピオ・マルテッロ), Doppio Maruterro (Nijū no Tettsui)?) A more powerful version of the Martello della Terra that has twice the power of the said attack. Olgert sends two Heavy Rain Elephants that attack the same target simultaneously.

Combination attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Elefante Triplice: (3重象(エレファンテ・トリプリチェ), Erefante Toripuriche (3-jūzō)?) A combination attack using three Elefante Forte Pioggias. The fly toward a target. When the tackle hits, the elephants cause a tremendous amount of damage both to the target and the surroundings. It can cause damage triple the strength of Martello della Terra. It was first used by Olgert against Belphegor and Fran.[1][2]

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