An Earth Flame is one of the type of flames of the Dying Will Flames of the Earth. The Earth Flame appears to be the counterpart of the Sky Flame, both looking like actual flames in appearance and in symbolism.

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An Earth Flame appears similar to a Sky Flame. It is a Y-shaped flame that has a yellow core with reddish-brown outlines color. After being upgraded by the Vongola Sin, it became almost entirely red-orange and has a more compact and detailed appearance.

Characteristic Edit

An Earth Flame user can manipulate the local gravity to any extent. This power was previously misconceived as a form of telekinesis due to the user's ability to manipulate objects by carefully maneuvering the gravity around them. It can also be used to immobilize and impair the movement of targets. An opponent can break free of this technique, though the opponent has to have a significant amount of power to do so.

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