Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough is the 129th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna begins to appear to be expelling Dying Will Flames from his hands, Colonnello stating that uselessly discharging Flames was as good as killing himself. Xanxus laughs at Tsuna, stating that he was getting desperate, but Xanxus' expression suddenly changes into a serious one as he recognizes that Tsuna was attempting to use Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Xanxus gravely states that he wouldn't allow it, and furiously begins attacking Tsuna, hitting him with an uppercut and grazing Tsuna with his X-Guns, keeping the latter moving. As Tsuna begins to attempt to charge up Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition once again, Xanxus fires a powerful shot at Tsuna; as it hits, a gigantic dust cloud envelops the battlefield. The other Guardian candidates, both Tsuna's Family and the Varia, notice it.

The dust cloud clears, revealing Tsuna, appearing to be unconscious. Xanxus scoffs, stating that "scum like you [Tsuna]" didn't have a chance of using the Vongola Primo's ultimate technique anyway. As Xanxus begins to charge up his Flame of Wrath to defeat Tsuna, Tsuna gets up once more. Reborn reveals that Tsuna used Zero Point Breakthrough successfully; however, Xanxus laughs and states that the Zero Point Breakthrough wasn't used that way. Reborn, however, states that if Tsuna can reach a condition, he could create a Zero Point Breakthrough technique different from the Vongola Primo's. Tsuna gets in the same stance once more, stating that he would do it right this time. Reborn notes that Tsuna's Hyper Intuition seemed to have figured something out, and Tsuna announces his attack as a revised version of the Zero Point Breakthrough, Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised.

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