Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough is the 60th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The scene opens with Bianchi at Nakayama Hospital, looking out and admiring the Cervello's illusion work on the town before checking on the Lambo dummy provided by Reborn while the real Lambo is at the ring battle. She is then surprised by the presence of Haru who asks how Lambo is doing, and is soon joined by Kyoko and the two confess that they have a secret they wish to tell Bianchi. Bianchi worries that the girls have somehow learned about the ring battles, but does not quite know how to react when they reveal they simply want to hold a party for Lambo tomorrow when he's released from hospital. They are soon joined by I-Pin and Futa carrying decoration making supplies, and they plead with Bianchi for her help to make a nice surprise for Lambo to wake up to.

Back at the school, Tsuna continues to prepare his new technique against Xanxus. Elsewhere, at the Sun pole Ryohei lies immobilized, struggling against the Death Heater poison, while Lussuria laments about not wanting to die in such a manner and begs Ryohei to move and do something. At the Rain pole, Yamamoto is also seen trying to fight the poison.

At the spectator area, Basil appears to recognise the move Tsuna is preparing for, while Shamal and Colonnello admonish him for wasting his flames. Xanxus mistakes Tsuna's flames for a sign of frustration and laughs at him, but quickly notices the change in the flames behaviour and reconizes the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Reborn wonders how Xanxus could know about the move, but Xanxus quickly launches himself from the roof to stop Tsuna, but Tsuna evades by propelling himself into the air with his flames. However, he's not quick enough to avoid a punch to the chin, and Xanxus begins to let loose a stream of shots from his guns to prevent Tsuna from successfully pulling off the attack. He manages to score a hit on Tsuna, knocking him back to the ground where he again attempts to gather his focus for the Zero Point Breakthrough, but is once again interrupted by a blast from Xanxus. The spectators become frustrated that Tsuna is unable to pull off his new attack, with Ken becoming particular agitated and stating his annoyance at being unable to see whats going on inside the gym, where the Mist pole (and therefore Chrome) are. Chikusa tells Ken to calm down, and wonders if his anger is because he's worried about Chrome, a fact which Ken quickly deflects saying that he's worried because Chrome is their point of contact with Mukuro.

Inside the gym Chrome is seen under the poisons effect, asking for the help of her master and her boss, while Mammon laments being unable to focus their mind due to the effects of Death Heater as the pain itself is not an issue for most illusionists. Tsuna once again attempts to gather his flames but Xanxus instead appears to make a direct hit on him with his Scoppio d'Ira, much to the concern of the spectators. The scene then quickly cuts back to the hospital as the group continues to construct their decorations for the party instead of showing the results of the blast, but Kyoko looks off into the distance in the direction of the school saying she had a funny feeling. Back at Tsuna's house, Nana admonishes Tsuna for taking Reborn out so late at night and wistfully thinks that she should get his father to reprimand him next time he's home. She then accidentally knocks over the milk she bought for Lambo, and when cleaning it up she appears to have a feeling similar to Kyoko and wishes for everyone to come home safely.

In the wake of Xanxus' blast, Tsuna's guardians worry for his safety, while Belphegor decides which Varia member he should rescue first. Back at the sky battle, Tsuna is seen lying apparently unconscious in a crater and his X-Gloves are visibly seen transforming back into their mitten form. As Xanxus moves to finish him off with his Flame of Wrath, the Dying Will Flame returns to Tsuna's forehead and his gloves transform once again, much to the surprise of Xanxus and delight of his supporters. Reborn explains that the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition was successful and that Tsuna neutralized Xanxus' flames by entering a state of negative Dying Will, allowing him to absorb the flames from Xanxus' attack without being completely injured. Xanxus overcomes his initial shock and laughs, saying that what Tsuna had pulled off wasn't even close to the true technique, a fact which Reborn admits to. Furthermore, Reborn states that Tsuna's body was now worn down after having to absorb Xanxus' Wrath Flame, and that combined with the fact that going into a negative state of Dying Will absorbs the body's energy rapidly meant that Tsuna had little to no chance of victory even with the Zero Point Breakthrough. Ken becomes even more agitated at this, and proclaims he's going to just take Chrome and leave but is talked down once more by Chikusa before Reborn tells him, and everyone else, to have faith in both Tsuna and his power.

As Xanxus prepares to blast Tsuna once again, Tsuna begins to gather his flames for yet another Zero Point Breakthrough, with Reborn exclaiming that Tsuna's Vongola hyper intuition has sensed something; Tsuna then changes his hand position and announces the Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised. The episode ends with Dino, Romario, and another of Dino's men rushing someone in a wheelchair through a hospital and out into a car waiting outside. Romario worries, saying that the person isn't in a good enough condition for whatever they're planning, but Dino says they need him to share everything he knows.

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