Dying Will Mode is a state that a person undergoes when shot with a Dying Will Bullet or when swallowing a Dying Will Pill. It is the first type of Dying Will Mode that Tsunayoshi Sawada uses in the series.

After the Varia Arc, Dying Will Mode stops making excessive appearances, as Tsuna and other users switch to Hyper Dying Will Mode.

Description Edit

Detailed DWM

When someone enters Dying Will Mode, it uses the pressure a person faces during a crisis to externally remove their body limiters, and increase their strength and need to fulfill their Dying Will.

Entering Dying Will Mode changes ones personality depending on the user. When Tsuna enters Dying Will Mode, he becomes very hyperactive and loud, and gains renewed confidence in himself, which is very similar to the behavior of Ryohei Sasagawa.

While in this mode, the user feel as if their body was breaking, yet they were prepared to take on anything, as well as be unafraid of their body being destroyed.

The effects of Dying Will Mode will only last 4-5 minutes, then the user returns to normal. A notable side-effect is their clothes rip off, down to their undergarments.

The Dying Will Flame also appears on their head. Reborn also exhibits that firing the Dying Will Bullet into different parts of the body results in different effects such as foot propellers, huge fists, etc.

When Tsuna trained during the Varia Arc, he learned how to stay in Dying Will Mode for over five minutes, which is required for Hyper Dying Will Mode and later the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Kyoko Sasagawa and Haru Miura having both entered Dying Will Mode, neither of their Flame-attributes were ever referred to in the manga.


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