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Sky Flame Attributes

The Dying Will Flame (死ぬ気の炎, Shinuki no Honō?), also known as Deathperation Flame in VIZ translations, is regarded as the symbol of the Mafia World. Like fingerprints or voices, each Dying Will Flame has a different shape and distinct characteristic.[1]

In the beginning of the series it had only minor relevance with the overall plot (mostly through its relation with Reborn's Dying Will Bullet and Tsuna's "resurrected" form). But as the story progressed, it became a more central element and is currently the source of most of the supernatural powers seen in the series.

There are many items in the series that light up and/or use Dying Will Flames for some purpose. Among those, the Rings treasured by the Mafia deserve a special mention due to their long history and importance. In the Future Arc, the Flames of these Rings serve as the power source for the Box Weapons.


The Dying Will Flame is described as a high-density form of energy that is refined from one's own life-force. Due to the way it resonates with one's emotions, it has been regarded as a type of battle aura. However, unlike the aura, which is a supernatural phenomenon that can only be seen by a few individuals, the Dying Will Flame is in many ways more alike to a real flame, possessing even its own destructive properties.

Dying Will Flames are graded according to their purity, which has a direct relationship with the strength of an individual's resolve, this makes the purity of a flame basically a reflection of the strength and size of a person's determination. Among other things, this rate of purity serves to indicate how much of the special characteristics of the Flames are being drawn out. Each Flame's attribute has its own special characteristic.

Flames must be used using a ring that has a level equivalent to the purity of the flame, if the wearer wears a ring with a lower level of flame purity, the ring will break as it is unable to withstand the force of the flame. This can often be seen with Hibari 10 years into the future, as low level rings always broke after being used, as they were not able to withstand the extremely intense intensity of Hibari's flames.

There is an eighth element called the Flame of Night, which Demon Spade and the Vindice could control.

There are two kinds of Dying Will Flames, the seven flames of Sky and the seven flames of the Earth. However, there are also several special Flames that do not belong in any of those categories.

Fiamma Voltage[]

The Vongola's FV measured

Fiamma Voltage (FV(フィアンマボルテージ), Fianma borutēji?, lit. Flame voltage) are a measuring unit for Dying Will Flames.

They are used to measure the output of Flames for machines like the Flame Ring Teleportation System, which need a certain amount of Fiamma Volts in order to work properly, or to keep balance and symmetry by knowing the output of your Flames when using techniques such as the X-Burner.

Flame types[]

Dying Will Flames of the Sky[]


The Dying Will Flames of the Sky (大空の七属性, Ōzora no Nana Zokusei?, lit. Seven attributes of the sky) are named after seven weather phenomena in the sky: the Sky itself, Storm, Rain, Sun, Lightning, Cloud, and Mist. However, while they are all referred to as "Flames," some attributes actually have properties more similar to other natural elements, such as water and electricity. They are the only type of Flame of Dying Will that can be used by any members of any family.

Dying Will Flames of the Earth[]

Kaoru's unnamed Flame

Simon Rings Unlocked.png

The seven Dying Will Flames of the Earth (大地の七属性, Daichi no Nana Zokusei?, lit. Seven attributes of the earth) are said to rival the Seven Flames of the Sky and are the trademark of the Simon Famiglia. Each Flame represents an aspect of the Earth and appears to match with their respective rivaling Sky Flame. These seven types of Flames seem to belong only to the Simons, as they are the only family that have Rings with these respective elements.

Special Flames[]

These special Flames do not categorically fit in the array from each flame class, whether from the Dying Will Flames of the Sky or the Dying Will Flames of the Earth.


  • During the beginning of the series, there was no distinction among the different types and colors of Dying Will Flames other than Tsuna's orange one. The first person introduced with a different type of Dying Will Flame was Basil with a blue-colored Flame, which was later known as the Rain Flame.
    • In Jump Ultimate Stars, the special-up and the special move for Tsuna's first and second koma shown a blue flame, resembles Basil's Flame instead of the normal orange one.
    • In Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble Mukuro Kyoushuu, all Vongola Members had Sky Flames and all Kokuyo Members had Mist Flames.
    • When Ryohei Sasagawa was shot by a Dying Will Bullet, the Flame shown was a Sky Flame, instead of the Sun Flame.[3]
    • When Dino first manifested his Flames and eventually his tattoos, his Flames were described as "completely white flame without impurities".[4]
  • In Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!, Gelaro was shown to have a "Snow Flame", but it was revealed to be disguised Sky Flames.
  • So far, Hayato Gokudera is the only character to possess four Flames in addition to his dominant Storm Flame.

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