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Template:Chapter InfoboxDying Will Bullet Unusable is the second chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


After the incident with Mochida, everyone’s attitude towards Tsuna changed making Tsuna rethink about the effects of the Dying Will Bullet. Suddenly, a fellow student asks him to be a part of the volleyball team, Tsuna, thinking that he can use the Dying Will Bullet, accepts the invitation.

As the tournament begins to start, Tsuna stays behind and goes to look for Reborn. He finds Reborn hiding in one of his secret bases and asks him to be shot by the Dying Will Bullet. But Reborn denies him that, saying that the bullet will kill him since his confidence causes him to have no regrets. As Tsuna decides on what to do, Kyoko arrives and pulls him towards the stadium.

As Tsuna enters the stadium, he sees that the entire school appeared to cheer him on. As Tsuna gets ready to play, a guy hiding in the shadows is watching him. As the game begins, Tsuna’s popularity immediately decreases due to his mediocre skills. As the first set ends, Tsuna asks his teammates if he could go to the nurse’s room, saying that he twisted his ankle during his match with Mochida to which the team agrees. As Tsuna turns to leave, he sees that all his teammates are injured as well but they tell him to go ahead. While Tsuna leaves, the other students insult him for being no good.

As Tsuna washes his face, Reborn appears and asks if his going home to which Tsuna replies no. Tsuna heads back to the stadium, wanting to do everything he can and apologize later. Reborn, thinking that Tsuna understands, shoots him with his Dying Will Bullet. Tsuna is hit twice on his legs and falls to the ground. At first, nothing happened and Tsuna returns to the game. As Tsuna tries to intercept the ball, he jumps high through the air much to everyone’s surprise.

Later, Reborn explains to Tsuna the different effects of the Dying Will Bullet and reveals that he didn’t tell him that since he will depend on the bullets. Tsuna is impressed with Reborn’s method until Reborn reveals that he’s only helping him to not get rusty.


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