Dream is the 171st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Yamamoto is training with Reborn when suddenly a loud bang alerts the two. Reborn then tells Yamamoto that the sound came from the training room from the floor above and tells Yamamoto to take a break as they go check on the training room. They are both greeted by a large dent in the wall with Tsuna directly below the damaged area explaining that he was trying a new technique. Reborn also takes note that Tsuna seemed more confident in this new technique.

In Hibari's residence, Future Ryohei is seen picking a fight with Future Hibari, who says that he loses the will to fight just by looking at the sun guardian's face, further angering Ryohei. Kusakabe informs the two guardians that he would be taking Lambo and I-Pin to play elsewhere and encourages Ryohei and Hibari to talk instead of fight.

Chrome Dokuro is still recovering from her injuries in the medical ward as Futa and Bianchi bring food for her. Futa studies her and realizes that she was dreaming and hopes that at least her dreams are good for her. In her dream, Chrome answers to Mukuro Rokudo's call. She realizes that he was using the last of his strength to convey a message to her, but finds that she is unable to interpret what Mukuro was attempting to show her. She sees a large machine in front of her eyes, but as she reaches out to touch it, Shoichi Irie appears and tells her not to go near the machine.

Tsuna awakens in the training room from the same dream and exclaims how weird of a dream it was. He suddenly exclaims that he forgot to check on Gokudera's training. Tsuna starts worrying, knowing how Gokudera constantly overworks himself, he rushes to see Gokudera. However, before he can reach the room, Yamamoto and Reborn were already there telling Tsuna not to come any closer. Before Tsuna can react, a huge explosion engulfs the room and decimates it. Gokudera is in the room with Uri, contemplating on how to explain the destroyed room to Tsuna.

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