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Chrome Saw it! Happy Days at Kokuyo Land is the tenth Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Drama CD that was released on January 30th, 2009. The story details Chrome's daily activities.


The story starts with Ken playing his video game, Chikusa commenting that he played it too often, but Ken ignores this and is about to continue playing until he realizes that Chrome is not here. He asks Chikusa where Chrome is (calling her stupid girl), to which Chikusa replies by asking who he meant. Angered, Ken shouts at Chikusa that he knows who he means and continues to ask again, by referring Chrome by other names, but Chikusa’s replies remain the same until Ken finally uses her full name. Chikusa tells him that Chrome has gone to bathing house since morning. This worries Ken and Chikusa, since Chrome hasn’t come back.

Meanwhile, Tsuna, on the way home from school, hears Lambo’s voice in the park and sees him with Chrome. Once Tsuna realizes that Lambo is teaching Chrome a vulgar, age inappropriate Italian, Tsuna quickly interferes and stops him before Lambo could continue even further. Chrome explains that she’s learning Italian and then coincidently met Lambo there who volunteered to teach her and she accepted. However, Tsuna tells her not to continue relying on Lambo again to teach, much to Lambo’s whining. Suddenly, Chrome collapses while holding her stomach, shocking Tsuna, who believes that something has happened to her illusionary organs, but it is revealed that she hasn’t eaten anything and has gotten hungry. Tsuna decides to take her to his house to eat.

At Tsuna’s house, Chrome finishes eating and thanks Tsuna and comments that Nana is a kind and good mother. She notes that her mother never cooked for her and was rarely home. Tsuna changes the subject when Chrome looks sad and asks her what does she usually eat, to which Chrome answers that she usually eats chocolate snacks, surprising Tsuna. Tsuna then asks had she eaten anything else besides that and Chrome answers that Ken once bought her a pineapple (Chrome pronounced it as painappo). Tsuna says that its suppose to be pronounced as pineapple (in Japanese, Tsuna pronounced it as painappuru) but Chrome corrects him that its pronounced as “pinenappo”, since Ken told her so. Tsuna laughs nervously but asks again did she eat it or not, to which Chrome declines, since she dislikes pineapples. He then asks what she was doing, and Chrome explains that she went to the bathhouse and bought some hot water for Ken, since he refused to take a bath for two weeks straight. She tells Tsuna that she once used a water handgun so Ken could have a small bath, but this only angered Ken and he chased her around Kokuyo Land as the result. Lambo then interrupts by telling them that he usually takes baths with Bianchi and Nana, making Tsuna panic and accidentally pour the water that Chrome brought onto her. Tsuna apologizes and offers to dry her uniform and changes her clothes until they dry.

While waiting, Chrome changes her clothes inside his room, someone rings the bell and Tsuna opens it, revealling Ken and Chikusa asking where Chrome was. After Tsuna tells them that she was changing in his room, Ken quickly demands her to get out from the room. Tsuna wonders why and how they knew Chrome was here. Ken answers that since Chrome hasn’t come back, they decided to pick her up because it would be troublesome if she's gone since they won't be able to contact Mukuro, but then Chikusa said that it was Ken who insisted to go look for her. Ken tells him to shut up and reveals he was using his boar channel to track Chrome’s scent. Ken once again demands Chrome to come out impatiently and ignores Tsuna’s words and calls Chrome “pineapple-head.” The door opens abruptly with mist coming out from it along with Mukuro’s laugh. As the mist clears up, Mukuro reveals himself and asked Ken what he meant by “pineapple-head”. With Ken unable to answer out of fear, Mukuro continues saying that Ken bullies Chrome again, and as always he won’t let it slide, using his First Path on Ken as punishment as Ken cries.

After Chrome’s uniform dries, she, Ken, and Chikusa excuse themselves from Tsuna’s house, but Tsuna halts her and asks why she’s with them. Chrome explains that it was because Mukuro told her to and because they were her first comrades that she trusts. After that, Chrome leaves with them, going back to Kokuyo Land.