Double Trouble is the 149th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

At the Vongola Base, Giannini detects Hibird carrying a distress signal, heading towards Namimori Shrine. Giannini also detects a higher-than-A purity ring, to which Lal Mirch states that it was probably Gamma. Yamamoto and Gokudera tell Tsuna not to worry, and Gokudera reveals his decorated box. Haru then bursts into the room, distressed, informing Tsuna that Kyoko was missing. Haru then shows them a note from Kyoko, saying that she needed to go home. Lal Mirch then suggests that a team of two goes to find Kyoko, and another team of two investigate Hibird's situation, to which Tsuna agrees. Reborn then presents Yamamoto with his future self's Shigure Kintoki, which doesn't transform.

While leaving, Lal Mirch reminds Tsuna that when going into Hyper Dying Will Mode, he must wear his Vongola Ring. Kyoko, at her house, sees the Millefiore members questioning where she is. Suddenly, a hand covers Kyoko's mouth, a voice saying that he or she found her. A member of the Millefiore then reports to Gamma, the latter replying that it was good news.

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