Character Outline

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Doctor Shamal as Trident Shamal

Dr. Shamal (Dr. シャマル, Dr. Shamaru?) is a crazed womanizer who hits on every cute woman he sees. Though often unsuccessful, he is always seen hitting on one woman and then instantly moving on to flirt with the next woman that passes by him. He is said to be hiding in Japan after flirting with a queen, charging him for putting the moves on 2082 women simultaneously.

Putting aside his normal attitude, Shamal happens to be a notorious assassin called "Trident Shamal" and is also a renowned doctor who refuses to treat men. Reborn claims Dr. Shamal had a hand in handling his (Reborn's) birth. Later in a flashback, Reborn states that Shamal "erased" Reborn's old self after he had accepted his new Arcobaleno body. He uses Trident Mosquitoes, one of which is named Angela, to infect his targets with deadly illnesses. His assassination skill is so great that he was once asked to join the Varia.

Also since he naturally contracts viruses and diseases easily, he carries 666 pills that contain Mosquitoes infected with deadly diseases. He claims to be infected with 666 diseases, but is not dead because all his diseases negate each other. An example would be if he had a disease that rapidly decreases body temperature, then he has another one that increases it.

Shamal also happens to be the one that introduced Gokudera to Bombs when he used to work for the Gokudera's old Mafia Famiglia. Gokudera initially wanted to learn how to use the Trident Mosquito, but Shamal taught him how to use mid-ranged Weapons instead.

Plot Overview

Countdown Arc

In the anime, Shamal is briefly seen in this Arc approaching Namimori with intent on hitting on girls. Hibari then attacks Shamal as he is disrupting the school. Shamal evades a full battle but instinctively releases a Trident Mosquito which poisons Hibari. Shamal tells Reborn it was Sakura-kura disease which should be fine as none are in bloom. While in the manga, Hibari instead gets the Sakura-kura illness because of their dispute over the sakura-viewing. The disease debilitating him into not standing around in-bloom cherry trees, letting Tsuna's family take the best sakura-viewing point.

Varia Arc

During the Vongola Tournament, he becomes Gokudera's home tutor. He points Gokudera in the correct direction and helps him create his new Technique, Rocket Bombs, during the Ring Conflict.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

Before Viper's Trial, Shamal is seen hitting on Haru and Kyoko; however, noticing Viper and Belphegor disguised as middle schoolers (Himeko and Monta), he hurried the girls home. Later, when he meets the girls such as Chrome Dokuro alongside Aria, he seems to realize who Aria truly is and moves away. He is seen again healing (constantly stating his dislike on treating men) Tsuna and his Guardians after they are defeated by Reborn.

Powers and Abilities

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Trident Mosquito

  • Trident Mosquito- Dr. Shamal uses Trident Mosquitos to inflict illnesses; he can use these illnesses to cancel out other illnesses or simply infect a person with a deadly illness.
  • Bombs - Shamal is also shown to be skilled in Bombs as he was the one who taught Gokudera; he is only shown using them in a flashback where he uses paper planes as targets for young Gokudera's training.


  • In the Reborn! Fandom, his number is 30.
  • Shamal claims to only treat women, although he has made a few exceptions.

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